Man fired for stopping gun thefts

So it seams out over litigation prone liberal society has another example of being self damaging.

“People need to secure their weapons better!” But we will sue you if you do try to prevent theft.

Before anyone says no one is trying to sue the company… why do you think it was “against policy” to stop a criminal?

This looks like it has more to do with insurance than anything else.

The guy wasn’t stealing tennis shoes.

They’re going to have to rehire him and give him back pay. The backlash has already started.

Yes and no.

It probably is insurance that makes it an issue.

But the insurance makes it an issue because they have been sued in the past I’m sure.

I should have left “liberal” out of the OP. Our current legal system is not fully on their shoulders.


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Hopefully with two bonuses. One for stepping up and one for being mistreated.

And hopefully whoever thought it was good policy to fire him in the first place is canned. That type of robotic thinking is exactly what is not needed in positions of leadership.

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Or schools. OMG!!! He ate a pop tart into the shape of a nug!!

Our whole society is being turned upside down and right, is now wrong and wrong…is now right.

I’m happy for him and his family that he got his job back.

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