Man angry about virginity pleads guilty to terrorism charge


Man, it must suck for some groups of women at the moment. Not only are they treated like meat by some men, and treated like animals by other men, now a virgin is looking to gun down groups of women at a march for causes they think are important.

If you want to educate yourself, google this phenomenon. Other women have been killed by guys who can’t get sex and they’ve formed internet groups with a common cause.


The incels are out in force.


That’s insane.

The hell is wrong with some dudes?


Slaughtering a bunch of women just because you can get laid. That’s below evil.


There are a lot of online communities where the rage of socially awkward young men is harnessed by right wing causes and then aimed towards women and other groups.


How would you know?


Echoes of Elliot Rodger.


Because I pay attention.

Look at something like Gamergate. Online communities such as 4chan and 8chan, filled with extremely angry young men, were weaponized to target and destroy the careers of women. Go check out the online streaming site Twitch sometime and take a look at the rampant casual racism, sexism, and right wing ugliness that is pervasive in the chats of many of the larger steamers.


To a certain extent, feminism is to blame. A lot of these socially awkward freaks have been brought up to believe that masculinity is toxic, and in order to get women they have to “be sensitive, get in touch with their feminine side” when talking to women.
Of course in real life, not Hollywood, women abhor that kind of behavior and prefer men who aren’t ashamed to be men. A whole generation of incels have been created who are still trying to be “nice guys” and getting nowhere.


“Nice guys” threaten to gun down women because women won’t sleep with them? Nice job trying to blame the victims, though…:roll_eyes:


Wow. A post blaming women who were almost slaughtered.

Young women. Stand up to this nonsense.


There is a line between “being ashamed to be a man” and acting like a caveman. It also doesn’t help matters that a lot of dudes are growing up totally in front of computer screens and not getting the experience to learn basic social skills. And that just feeds into a vicious cycle of them raging at the world.


Horse ■■■■


This can’t be a serious post.


Incels gonna incel.



This boils down to lack of positive male role models. A lot of fathers are either absent figuratively and literally from their son’s lives. They never learn how to be proper men.

So instead they take to the internet and find other like minded losers to associate with.


Reminds me of this:

Poor men victimized by women and their accomplishments have no recourse but to belittle, dismiss, and attack them for daring to assume they can be something more than a man’s accessory/helpmeet/enabler. How could you blame them for lashing out?


I said to a certain extent, feminism is to blame, and then explained why a lot of young guys might get deranged like this. This is why it’s pointless to post on these forums, because you Alinsky-ites love to twist everything and are 90/10 emotion/logic.


So, I don’t agree with your victim blaming and you lash out. Who could have seen that coming? :roll_eyes:


For another example just look at the MCU. With the release of Captain Marvel, it means that now only 20 out of 21 superhero films produced so far have a male lead - the feminists are taking over! No wonder young men are confused and angry, and decide that murder is the only option available to address the fact that women aren’t falling over themselves in their eagerness to serve as these frustrated and victimized men’s sexual outlet!