MAKING A LIST: Ocasio-Cortez Posts List of Personal ‘Accomplishments’ for 2018 | Sean Hannity

Incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted a list of personal accomplishments on social media over the weekend; saying critics should “admit” they “hold us to a higher standard than others.”

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When you are elected to serve those who voted you into office, you SHOULD be held to a HIGHER standard. However, with you, I am confident you WILL BE CORRUPT in no time.
When you speak of “transparency” are you referring to the “transparency” Pelosi and Schumer wanted when meeting with Trump regarding the border wall?
Exactly WHAT “new level of transparency” are you tooting your own horn over?

Also, let me help update your accomplishment list:
4) Lied about your upbringing and had to change your bio.
5) Continue to lie about your childhood - Alex from the Bronx? More like Alex from Westchester.
6) Proved you had zero ability to budget and expected the taxpayer to fund your living quarters.
7) Showed you can make mac and cheese.
8) Showed you do not understand basic economics even though you have a degree in Economics…

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This young woman is little more than moronic in her socialist beliefs. As “Abby” mentioned in her post above, it won’t be long before the stench of corruption will be wafting from Ocasio-Cortez’s attempts to move the country further left. Here’s to praying she fails and miserably…