MAKING A LIST: Cortez RIPS Moderate Dems that Vote with GOP, Says She’s Making ‘A List’ | Sean Hannity

Recently sworn in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is reportedly compiling “a list” of moderate Democrats that break party lines and vote with their Republican colleagues; lashing out at centrist legislators during a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill.

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Fascism: A political philosophy, movement , or regime that exalts national and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Isn’t this a form of fascism that the Dims accuse Trump and all Republicans of being?

She’s making a list? It sounds very much like some serious threat from her. Will she give her list to Hillary or the FBI or CIA? Who will get her list?

The lefty media continues to fawn over every word from AOC’s ridiculous yapper.
This embolden’s her to keep talking. Every time she opens her pie hole, stupid gets a bad name. Now she is threatening fellow lawmakers who have the audacity to think for themselves.
Those who voted with courage rather than staying on the resrvation should be congratulated.
They have noting to fear from Cortez.
By the way, Cortez is about to become emboiled in a scandal. reports claim she used campaign funds to pay her boyfriend. A violation of campaign funding laws.
Ruh roh

So, she wants gun control, I take that back, she wants to take all our guns and she does NOT want little sneaky bills slid into her bills that do things that she does not like. WELL, we don’t like that when YOU do it either, so suck it up cupcake.

I have a cure for the unruly child problem, take them and their parents and ship them back where they came from because they should not be our problem and with thousands crossing the border daily due to HER teams unwillingness to change their own laws we are ill equipped to give these kids the care that they may or may not need.

You got that right! Talk about your DICTATORS…she wants to control EVERYTHING… What we eat, where we live, how we live, our medical care, how we are transported, where we can go, on and on…ad nauseum.

The future under her looks like Projects where we are assigned cubes, we are sterilized, we eat something akin to the “healthy” food packs we send to African children…soy, rice, vitamins and dried vegetables. Sound delish? We will work or not work, we will all be equal EXCEPT for those who are in power. Your Grandma won’t get a new heart, she’s too old… You won’t get a new lung, you smoked. Some beauraucrat in DC will decide who gets treatment for what and who doesn’t. But don’t worry because it won’t last long since we will be overrun by Muslim Extremists because we have OPEN Borders…they will destroy the country and burn it all to the ground and when they finish killing all the infidels, they’ll start judging each other and killing each other off until there’s one left and he will be Allah.

Doesn’t this *itch live in Manhattan ?
NOTORIOUSLY dangerous for pedestrians. I’m sure she’s too “green” to use an auto for transportation.
Be CAUTIOUS, AOC, during your street crossings.

We want IGNORANT Alexandria to keep on talking! The more she talks, the more everybody sees how STUPID she is & hopefully Dims will stop voting for peanut brains like her! Unless she got in by voter-fraud! Please tell donkey-face AOC that we are making a list also & she’s at the top; a list of DIM-WITTED Demos like her that we will EJECT from running our government!

AOC is truly THE dumbest person in DC that I have ever witnessed. She is incredibly immature, self-righteous, and arrogant beyond words. She constantly lives in a fantasy world. She talks like a young high school girl who started up a club at school, and gets off being in charge and telling everyone what to do…and then soon doesnt understand why the club has no members.

She has graduated to yet a new level of achievement. She is certifiably insane. The more she opens her mouth ( to eat a hamburger) and spews her stupidity, the more the world witnesses that she is seriously mentally ill.

She must think she’s Santa Clause. She definitely likes giving away the store!

Why is this idiot getting so much press? She is an embarrassment to the neighborhood I grew up in.

She sounds like a BULLY to me.

I agree - why are Dem moderates that she’s putting down on a list afraid of going after her and calling her out for what she is. Who is she to be putting people who don’t see eye to eye with her socialist views on some sort of hit list. They need to start calling this nutjob out for what she is.

She is making a list? Her name is on the top of governor Cuomo list of people who screwed him over on the Amazon deal. She is outta here in two years. History…

It used to be called McCarthyism by liberals! :open_mouth:

Making a List?.. Is she checking it twice?
How do we get on it?

She’s making “A” list allright- a list of the dumbest politicians of all time- you keep talking AOC, and we will keep clowning you for the jackass you are!

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Do not misunderstand or under-estimate her. She is not alone. Her list will be the members of her party who do not toe the Communist Party line; who show by their actions that they have doubts about the inevitability of state ownership of the means of production;and who demonstrate the slightest reluctance to vote for the No Good Deal, aka New Green Deal. The results of being on that list will be “re-education”, repentance or death. Note the slogan of the US Communist Party…“People and Planet before Profits”, which sounds just like Cortez. …

Is she going to be checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice? Give me a break. Now she thinks she’s Santa Claus. Is that because of all the free stuff she wants to give out? I can’t wait to see how this develops.

I guess the unfortunate people on the list will wake up with the head of a cow in there beds.