MAKE SCHOOL GREAT AGAIN: Student Suspended for Pro-Trump Shirt to RECEIVE APOLOGY, $25,000 | Sean Hannity

A federal judge ruled this week that a local high school student had his First Amendment rights violated when district officials suspended the young man for wearing a pro-Trump t-shirt; demanding they pay the student $25,000 and issue a formal apology.

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Good for the student, although I think the $25K award was exorbitant. Should have been the apology and his attorney and any court fees paid.

Now, had I a student in that school, I would send them to school with a T-Shirt sporting the ISIS flag and then see if “free speech” in that school was really achieved?

Oh, about that silly “make school great again” in regards “free speech”?

I would love to see that same student, test the “free speech” waters, see the kid get up on the podium behind Fat Donald at one of his 2020 reelection rallies then kid pull off his hoodie revealing that he was sporting a Dump Trump T-Shirt.

We could really get schooled fast in how truly sacrosanct “free speech” is to Trumplicans.