Major League Baseball

Thought I’d start this for discussion of all Major League Baseball teams.

It’s a little early, but it looks like the Mets are off to a decent start. And the Phillies seem to have improved, too. The Dodgers are starting slow, but I think that was to be expected with their long season last year. As a Giants fan, things are picking up for them. When they get Bumgarner back, and a few more guys start hitting, things should really click. I hope.

Not a huge fan of the sport itself, but I’m not unhappy to see the home team doing well for now. :wink:

The D-Backs look competitive so far. Yay!

Los Doyers, enough said.

Who’s your home team, if I can ask?

I’ve been a Mets fan since was a kid. Couldn’t tell you who was is on the team today, but I can remember the starting lineup for the 1969 World Champion Mets!


They look awfully good in that division. Better than my Giants at the moment.

I was the only Yankee fan in my neighborhood in Brooklyn in 1969. It wasn’t easy.

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The Tampa Bay Rays started out horribly, but they’ve been on a tear lately.