Major Discovery: New Corridor Discovered in The Great Pyramid

Infrared thermography, muon detection, ultrasound, and ground penetrating radar, all confirm it. There IS more inside the pyramid than is publicly known. Some are convinced that they’ll finally find a mummified pharaoh in an Egyptian pyramid for the first time in history.

For now though, the corridor appears to be a dead end (footage of it revealed in the video), but it still suspiciously points toward what muon detectors previously found to be a “second grand gallery”.

It all stinks of theater and corruption with Zahi Hawass infecting the area, but I’m no less geeking out at the prospect of touring the whole pyramid on my next trip to Egypt.


Found inside was a single item


That’s a really cool discovery though

Agreed it really is. When I was a kid I had a history book that had this great full color illustration of Napoleons troops in Egypt set to a backdrop of the Pyramids. Wish I could find that book today.

That picture kickstarted my interest in ancient Egypt.

Did they find the grain yet?

It always irked me how abruptly they would stop talking about the pyramids and start jumping into the Valley of the Kings crap. Nothing ever made sense about these structures, and likely never will. They’re all nothing but a husk of whatever they used to be.

But, if something were to ever actually be found in there, maybe we could finally get a small glimpse of the actual, working purpose of these “tombs”.


Haha. It’s just a header, like what you put over a window or doorway when framing a structural wall in a house.

It more likely leads to (and ends at) yet another back-filled area.

We already know…did you not see Stargate? '–)

I need my own Muon Detector for the backyard.

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That would definitely be the optimal outcome of discovery.

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Same here. I live on an ancient limestone plateau. No telling what’s underneath me.

I could have this guys bones and a treasure of ethnobiological weirdness

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Yep … Best hope that it’s not a giant cavern inching its way up to swallow your house.


Sinkholes are very common out here.

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There goes the neighbors now …

Like the one in Florida that swallowed the guy’s bed in the middle of the night, with him in it, and left the rest of the house alone.

Just curious, do homeowners insurance policies cover falling into a sinkhole?