MAGAbomber threatened Beto O'Rourke, campaign says

“We received a threat via Facebook from that individual in April, a threat toward Beto, and we immediately reported it to the (U.S.) Capitol police,” Evans said. “Then we turned over the message and the information and the threat to the FBI in July.”

The messages, which were provided to The News, included photographs of O’Rourke with his wife and children and a warning to “hug your loved ones everytime [sic] you leave home. See you soon.”

Wow. The MAGAbomber was threatening Politicians and talking about their wife/kids. That’s politics gone mad.

Diffuse this craziness Mr. Trump.

“Well I do intend to cynically capitalize on this craziness! Wait oh, you said ‘diffuse’, yeah I don’t really see how that would benefit me.”


pretty much…

Trump views everything in the prism of wins and loses. Diffusing the situation is not a win.

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Trump always wins. Some wins are more bigly than others.

Hmmm who needs to tone it down?

After Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal posted “I hope Trump is Assassinated” on her Facebook page in August, numerous officials, Democrat and Republican alike, called on her to resign.

But the Democratic senator, who soon deleted the post, remained adamant. She would apologize, but not resign.

On Wednesday, the Republican-controlled Senate voted 28-2 to censure her, falling short of the required two-thirds majority needed to expel her,

And Dems wouldn’t support her removal from office geee I wonder why.

Madonna (left liberal) has thought about blowing up the white hosue

If dem’s don’t win, there will be blood in the streets. Gee yet ANOTHER leftist liberal calling for violence if they don’t like the results of an election.

And YOU think Donnie needs to tone it down?