MAGA Teens Making America Great Again!


These guys were there for the “March for Life”

If I was the organizers of that I would disavow them quickly.



The native Americans should have built a wall 500 years ago.



Incidents like these, the wall, and Trump represent the last stand against the sharing of power, resources and responsibility. Dr. King called this true integration among the races in this country.


Remember when the righties got all sad and hurt because Gillette suggested males can be better and maybe not bully and perhaps act like decent humans?


If this was a school trip where were the teachers and or chaperones?

The teachers who accompanied them obviously had no control and should be fired.


I was at a teaparty event and the local college kids were there protesting the teaparty people. They were getting in peoples faces and screaming.
They especially like taunting the elderly people that were there. We tried to create a buffer between the kids and the elderly. There was and elderly man who got out of his car and was walking up flight of stair’s. The kids surrounded him and screamed at him and then started shoving him. He tripped on the last step before any one could get to where he was at and fell. His glasses were broken and his hands and knees were bleeding by the time I got there. And the kids just laughed and walked away.
Hate knows no party and the young are stupid. No one yelled at them or got in their face, we were all polite and tried to ignore them. And I’m sure that if their parents had known what they were doing they would have slapped them up along side the head and told them to grow up.


The chaperones were there, they were laughing at the whole thing.


Wow! They were really surrounded, weren’t they? What bravery!


And they were JUST AS WRONG.


It’s the MAGA way.


Bull spit - what kind of ■■■■■■■ animals are raising these pieces of garbage.

“Children are a map of their parents”


Obviously these kids are being brats, but I don’t see why this guy being a veteran matters at all.

First, there was no way for the kids to know that. He wasn’t wearing one of those hats or anything to indicate him being in Vietnam.

Second, being a veteran doesn’t mean those kids should give him more respect than any other man his age.


Around here, being a veteran always matters. Remember when the wingers were apoplectic when veterans couldn’t visit memorials during the Obama administration?


Certainly true in a lot of cases, but many nice people raise crappy kids and many great people come from awful parents. So I wouldn’t judge their parents totally based off of this.


Yes, I remember that. You would think after 70 years, World War II veterans would get tired off having their asses kissed.


Most Republicans would never be ok with their children doing something like this.

Most Republicans children would never do something like this 99percent of the time.

I’m guessing the Liberal Politicians put caps on Liberal kids, and sent them to do this.

Of course Liberals are so much better. They have a mother telling her child that we’re going to stop that ****** ****** over the phone. And yet when she told people this they all applauded. They must cuss like that in front of their children also, and think that it’s funny.

99 percent of Republicans and Conservatives don’t teach their children to act like this.


This is America, not some MAGA hat wearing idiots.


There sure are a lot of kids from that 1% of bad Republican parents at that school then.


Seems that way.


Additional videos are surfacing that show a different story. Manufactured hate hoax. The elder also had a similar story to tell in 2015 and yes once again from a group of young men that he approached. Same as today. He approached them. They did not surround him. He seems to have a pattern.