MAGA Teens Making America Great Again!


My friend, it is a bad thing if you get more of your information off of Google.
They’re one of the Lobbyists for Democrat Politicians, and to do so,
is very insulting to any true Republican, or true Conservative on here.

I’m guessing that along with Facebook, and Amazon they were in Puerto Rico,
with Bob Menendez who likes really really really young girls, possibly underage.


The majority of those boys did not have on MAGA hats. The Elder approached the group of boys and got in their faces. The one young man stands passively by as the Elder beats the drum in his face. No tomahawk action, no racial slurs. Video shows a completely different story. The alt left, in their haste for fresh outrage, once again manufacture another victim from an instigator. But hey run with, get your mileage out of it. Another ashes story in a day.


Were you present? Did you actually see what happened? The elder unquestionably approaches the group of teens. He was never surrounded by a mob of racist teens. Watch the video of the young man standing passively by as the adult gets in his face beating his drum. This kid does nothing disrespectful to this man. The video depicts the real trouble maker. Shame on the Elder for his childish behavior. To borrow your favorite reply, SAD.


I would be utterly horrified and consider my parenting thus far an abject failure if I saw my kids treating a human being like that.


It’s ^ that kind of absurd head in the dirt denial that can produce children who behave this way.


In this case, imagine seeing your elderly father behaving like that elder man did. He was the bad actor and then blaming the teens.


Man I wonder where these MAGA teens would get the inspiration to make fun of native Americans. Perhaps from this dipstick elderly father.


Try the real facts of the story not another left manufactured hit piece to drum up the outrage mob. The left is sure united in the creation of their fantasy victim stories. Now imagining tomahawks and public square scalpings. Keeps getting better.


Or the hooded black clothed, masked face, brick throwing, property burning, camel spitting, bullying, intimidating, raging, antifa thugs. The left must be proud of their youth and the outstanding parenting they received. Apple must not fall far from the tree with these upstanding citizens. The MAGA hat youth in this video look like Mickey Mouse Club members compared to the cloaked all black uniformed youth of the antifa.


These boys live in an almost all-white community. Attend a private, almost all-white school. Which only has white teachers.

Seeing a trend?


Not gonna lie. If I saw a video of my kid acting like this I’d ream him a new ass the next time I saw him. If there’s anything I can be proud of it’s that I didn’t raise ■■■■■■■■■


What are the real facts?


read: They were a mob, but a preppy rich white kid mob, so it’s okay.


It’s also the sort of delusion that should immediately cause a wellness check.


God bless the good and decent people in the tea party like these good folks showing this old man respect and helping him back up.


The story is not at all as clear as has been represented.


Yeah, I trust Breitbart’s take on the issue.


Well, they’re no Buzzfeed IMO. Breitbart provided documentation, not just referred to anonymous people who said they saw documentation that isn’t described.

Breitbart has videos and statements by people who were involved. Those present a different picture. If you think they forged those somehow…


Which is often the case when major news outlets pick up stories like these.

That said, I think it’s very difficult to make a positive defense for the boys. Even if you accept that they were approached, their behavior was unacceptable. And the pure optics of what is going on is never going to favor them. A group of all white boys wearing MAGA hats in the face of a native american vietnam war veteran? I’m sorry, but you lose on optics alone, regardless of having all the facts. It’s hard to make a “both sides” argument here. But people will try, cause that’s what we do.


Really Breitbart is your source.