MAGA Republican Pledges “End of Democracy” to Rabid Cheers at CPAC

Well gee. That sounds like something we should all oppose.

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yep. you’re on to conservatives - they hate democracy. the gig is up

cnn’s laser point focus journalism figured it out. and you saw it on the internet!



I live in Maryland.

I can still hear the echoes of those cheers right now.

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That was Jack Prosobiec, an invited speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

I don’t know what to make of it, frankly.

That’s an awfully red guard style of answer.

Oh well. Those are nutcases. You go to a big left wing thing and talk about taking all rich people’s things and you’ll get cheers there too.

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It looks like he was joking to me.


Plus even if he wasn’t those people who go to those things are mostly nutcases.

I think Trump shares a bunch of his content.

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Probably. Trump is mini-Mao.


Yes he does

It’s amazing that some don’t realize he’s being facetious. I guess it requires a bit of abstract thought. Leave it to concrete thinkers and humorless bots, to twist.

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well the left is so devoid of any effective ideas or thoughts they have to pretend sarcasm and humor are real. best example is when trump joked about russia finding hillary’s emails that she deleted to hide her dealings and corruption. and they go and believe he meant it. still astounds me


What can you expect from a group who cant understand memes


I can’t entertain the idea that this was a joke after J6. Despite 2 months of incendiary rhetoric and criminal activity, red-hats dismissed the idea of a forcibly installing an American president as liberal hysteria.

I would like to gently remind the politically discerning not to be fooled a second time.

The instant an opportunity presents itself, this “joke” will become reality.


I recommend a Republic.


And then we get told “This is how ALL liberals think!”

The 5 Hours of Infamy! The Day Our 'Mocracy Died!

A bad joke that fell flat. Trying to be clever.


Depends on your view point. It didn’t fall flat because it triggered libs. Just like Trump’s day one dictator statement. They aren’t taken seriously by his supporters and it triggers his opponents.

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