MAGA FREE NYC: Images of ‘Trash’ Trump Supporters Appear on Manhattan Garbage Cans | Sean Hannity

Caricature images of “average Trump supporters” appeared on garbage cans in the Big Apple this week; with the hateful artwork referring to GOP voters as “trash” in the nations’ largest city.

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I think it’s funny! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

This is why the midterms are so important. If anyone really thinks that Pres Trump has not done a great job and are disappointed, wait and see how severely disappointed you will be if the democrats are allowed. to gain the majority in the House. This is why EVERY person that loves this country should come out to vote in the midterms, AMERICAN VOTERS ARE MAD AS HELL and aren’t going to take it anymore. A vote for any democrat will bring us closer to looking like socialist Venezuela and destroying our great country. The “walkaway” movement which has made massive gains with former democrat voters, proving that the democrat party has no future and registering them as new republican voters. The DNC’s days are numbered, the DNC lost a big part of their automatic funding from unions. The Black and Hispanic voters have realized that the DNC was just using them and has done nothing for them, the DNC has no leaders and no ideas or policies that help America. Almost all democrats vote in lock step to resist Pres Trump and not give him any credit for anything he does. Current democrat policies of open borders, harassing all Trump administration employees, abolishing ICE, universal basic income with no requirement to work, censoring conservative voices on social media, , embracing socialism, allowing non-citizens to vote, are all NOT good policies for America. Vote republican for America.