mAga: A=America or Americans?

Not to make a big deal out of this but …

I think MAGA should be reworded as “MAKE AMERICANS GREAT AGAIN” as opposed to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”.

Yes… there is a big overlap

But America’s greatness is often measured by business success. And business success can increase with practices that are not in AMERICAN’S best interests. For example … outsourcing to other countries can cut labor costs for various services and products. The company does great but the Americans who are displaced…not so much. There are other examples too.

Now… I haven’t thoroughly weighed pros and cons of the two sayings and I can’t put up a strong defense of my opinion. But I thought it might be an interesting discussion topic considering that we will hopefully have a MAGA government again soon (led by any MAGA friendly POTUS and legislature)

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Americans might not be displaced if taxes on businesses weren’t so high. Businesses may close off opportunities in one state, transferring them instead over a state line, where corporate taxes are less, for example, from Connecticut to Massachusetts.*,%20Montana%206.75%%20%206%20more%20rows%20

Outsourcing really is nothing new, although earlier in our history, it was more likely to take place nationally:

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Twitter has lost half it’s stock value. They are no longer great either since Trump got banned and the election was stolen. Even 40% of dems think the last election full of fraud. ( Rasmussen)


It was debated in the past as every lib just gaslighted back then as they do now. Problem (for them) is that they have been proven wrong.


Funny that you should call attention to that particular post.

How’s Facebook doing today?

On January 20, 2021, Twitter stock closed at 47.60. Today it’s at 38.39. Maybe I’m missing something about how stock pricing works, but 38.39 seems like more than half of 47.60.

I was actually calling attention to Twitter. My Twitter comment was embedded in another post.

How is Twitter doing today?

Twitter was 77 in Feb 2021. Once people saw that Trump was banned… it dropped

On February 1, 2021, Twitter stock closed at 52.66. When Trump was banned almost a month earlier on January 8, Twitter stock closed at 51.48. So in the three weeks after Trump was banned, the stock price actually rose.


Oh, I know. You wouldn’t intentionally destroy your own argument.

Couldn’t care less. But going by your track record on predictions, in a year or two it’ll be at $150 a share.


I guess it took a while for Trump fans to figure out he was banned, since Twitter was at around $70 a share in October 2021.

Not sure you understand how that works.

Not everyone read Trump.
But those who did also had followers.
And those followers had followers.
And so on

So it was a domino effect. It doesn’t happen instantly nor cleanly. When the ones who were there primarily for Trump stopped tweeting, the domino’s fell and traffic reduced.

But you’ll persist… the narrative tells you so.

No, I’m just looking at the actual stock prices, I’m not reading a narrative. This is a narrative:

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Think of a huge industry… like automotive. There are OEMs, 1st tier, 2nd tier, 3rd tier suppliers. When an OEM begins to have trouble, the lower tiers will too. Dominos. Not clean, not instantly.

Twitter is like that.

Okay, that seems reasonable, and Twitter’s stock has undeniably dropped since then. I’m guessing there’s more to it, but banning Trump probably didn’t help.

Admitting that isn’t even a commendation for Trump. This was the amazing thing about the prog insistence that Trump was irrelevant. There were likely more real and fake journalists and pundits and professionals of all ilks who tweeted their hate for Trump. And they had followers who had followers …

CNN, Stephen Colbert, and many others basically made a living writing and talking about Trump, I just don’t think all of those people left Twitter when Trump was banned. Twitter’s Q1 2021 letter to shareholders says:

Average monetizable DAU (mDAU) reached 199 million, up 20% year over year and up 7 million sequentially, driven by ongoing product improvements and global conversation around current events.