MAD MAXINE: Waters Calls Trump ‘Poster Boy’ for ‘Mob’ Violence | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Congresswoman Maxine Waters escalated her all-out war with President Trump this week; viciously calling the Commander-in-Chief the “poster boy” for “mob protesters.”

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Someone needs to have Maxine examined by professionals so she can be put in a straitjacket and locked in a rubber room. She has lost all semblance of reason and sanity. She is becoming a danger to everyone.

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Did you not watch the Fat Donald rally mob break out in chanting “lock her up”.

She is guilty of no crimes.

She is being targeted by Fat Donald’s base for the violent action of locking her up without cause or conviction, essentially demanding him to violate her civil rights with a violent action.



vi·o·lence | \ˈvī-lən(t)s, ˈvī-ə-\

Definition of violence

1a : the use of physical force so as to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy

b : an instance of violent treatment or procedure

2 : injury by or as if by distortion, infringement, or profanation : OUTRAGE

3a : intense, turbulent, or furious and often destructive action or force

What his rally MOBS are demanding fir the bill and HE enjoys it and spurs it on.

“MAD MAXINE” is right.

Fat Donald has been the poster boy for Mob Violence, he loves it, he basked in the glory of it, he encouraged it.

Hopefully the Fat Donald rally mobs are as physically lazy as Donny himself is mentally lazy, at least then Maxine won’t have to worry that his frenzied mobs actually attack her.

Oh the ever loving irony.


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I like to hunt animals. I have killed small animals and eaten them after dredging in salt, pepper and flour and pan frying. But on to the subject at hand. The mob was referring to Feinstein. So get it straight. But if you think Maxine needs locking up well then so much the better. She is so guilty. Just look at the evidence. She’s been to parties and drank alcohol and wears heavy makeup. How do we know she doesn’t own a brothel somewhere? I think she traffics in human beings. Don’t you?

This woman truly is as stupid as she looks. Just incredible!!!


She’s correct. Idiot Boy trump, McConnell, Grassley, and all the other right-wing nuts refer to women as “mob protesters?”

As I recall about a year ago, there were angry White Supremist marching through Charleston with Tiki torches and chanting anti-Semitic/Nazi phrases such as, “Blood and Soil,” “You will not replace us.”

And a small reminder of the “mob protesters” who chanted against the ACA in 2010.

Republicans have a short memory.

my memory is long enough to know that you left wing loons have been beating, clubbing, shooting, chanting, burning the flag, making threats, freaking out, screaming, crying, and on and on. Compared to people at a trump rally standing still, smiling for the most part, and chanting a little for a few short seconds then being quiet and respectful. I guess for anyone who hasn’t been smart enough to see the difference by now there is not much use in trying to explain it to them.

Those who scream the loudest…

Inciting people to violence is a crime, and she sure is guilty of that.


Isn’t she the one who told fellow democrats to harass any republicans they could find? Sounds like she is the one who is the poster person for 'mob" violence! Especially since all the mob violence in the past 2 weeks has been perpetrated by democrats (or their Soros paid shills) against republicans, not the other way around!

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Your Supreme Court hero, Antonin Scalia, says flag burning is LEGAL under the First Amendment: FREE SPEECH. (Texas vs. Johnson 1989)

the people at the trump rallies are PAID. There was an ad on Craig’s List, $100.

She has earned the title “low IQ Maxine”

Someone needs to do a study on why she get re elected?

Okie Dokie…:roll_eyes:

Her IQ couldn’t possibly be any lower than Fat Donald’s.

No how no way!

Who are you referring to regarding “your” supreme court hero! Scalia passed away.over a year and a half ago under strange circumstances at a hunting lodge with some democrat friends.