MACRON SPEAKS: French President Begs Businesses to Pay Employees Bonuses, Increase Wages

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French President Emmanuel Macron addressed the people of France Monday; urging employers to pay out big bonuses and increase wages as the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests continue to rock the nation.

“I would ask all employers who can, pay an end-of-year bonus to their employees,” said Macron. “When violence is unleashed, freedom stops.”

“Among his pledges Monday, Macron reiterated his promises to raise the minimum wage and abolish taxes on overtime pay starting Jan. 1 — several months ahead of schedule. He also said a tax hike pensioners faced would be scrapped,” writes Fox News.

Macron has faced calls to resign from across the political spectrum over his inability to clampdown on the nationwide protests; a demonstration that morphed from anti-fuel tax demonstrations to a larger anti-Macron movement.

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I spent a lot of time in France. It isn’t what it used to be. Socialism at its worst. I was there a year ago and people with businesses who are friends of mine were dissatisfied with the governmental red tape and the high taxes. The government is expecting business revenue to take care of all the socialist programs. I haven’t been back because I saw the change “in the air” that has diminished France so terribly. Sad.

so the President is trying to do what the Yellow vest protester are protesting about?