Lyft partnering with Latino activist group to take voters to polls after only polling station moved

Pretty cool, huh? Companies lowering their rates to get Americans to the polls. I dig it in a big way.

The real story is that a city of 27,000 has one single polling station and it’s outside the city limits.

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Cheating is the only way they can win.

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They couldn’t time the “construction” to not interfere with voting.


I know 27,000 sounds scarey but the reality is that isn’t the number of voters.

Census data shows that on average about 25% are below 18 and can’t vote. That takes it from 27,000 to 20250.

Figure another 20-30% aren’t registered to vote. That takes off another 7,000 or so so now we are down to 13,000.

60% of the town is Hispanic and are probably all illegal, rapists, drug dealers that don’t vote legally anyway. That takes off about 10,000 from the remaining. So now we’re down to 3,000 real American’s voting.

So moving it out into the country where there is no public transportation for a mile isn’t really that unreasonable.


Your logic is impeccable. :wink:

Time to boycott Lyift!!

What the actual â– â– â– â– 

Google had a big plan to activate Latino voters and it worked. It’s just that 30% voted for Trump…lol!

Plus it is a mile away from the closest bus stop.

See that is difference between progressives and Trump supporter, we want every citizen to vote not matter who vote for. Right wing don’t want anyone to vote that will not vote for them. Ans When I say right wing I mean people like Clinton too.

Then why are Republicans so terrified of people voting?

NC took voting places off college campuses. Making it convenient to vote isn’t a priority for sure. Making sure someone can’t take the bus to vote is a savvy political move.

The only problem with your statement is I found out about google’s outreach from a story where they were complaining it brought out Trump supporters also…

We’re not. But, When you have the leader of the dems saying you don’t have to be civil if you lose, it make me worry dems think cheating is their moral obligation.

The only problem with your anecdote is that you only read stories from right wing blogs.

My town (Dover, NJ) is 70% Hispanic and we have 5 polling places and a population of 19,000

Guess Kansas really doesnt want these citizens voting.


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Sure you guys are. Doing everything possible to keep people from voting. Kemp even said he’s in trouble if people vote.