Lowest credit scores: mostly red states

if you live in a red states your more likely to have a low credit score

lowest scores
louisiana,texas,oklahoma,mississippi,alabama,georgia,south carolina,nevada,alaska,west virginia

It amkes sense since most conservatives are untrustworthy…


I probably have a low credit score because I buy nothing on credit. Except tires. Les Schwab loves me. :sunglasses:

That article is very interesting and there’s more to it than just “blue” or “red” states. in fact the article divides it into “warm” and “cold” states. People in the cold states have less credit card debt than those in warm states, i.e. the south.

The article talks alot about how credit card debt has doubled, especially among the young.

However, that’s nothing to worry about!

We are bombarded daily by radio ads telling us that if we have over $10,000 in debt, we have the “right” to clear that debt and pay next to nothing!

I wonder how many Millennials and Generation Z hear those ads, think, “Oh, that’s a way to get $10,000 worth of stuff for free,” and deliberately buy stuff they can’t afford til they get to $10,000 when they contact those advertisers and say, “Hey, make it so I don’t have to pay for any of this stuff.”

I’m proud of my credit score. I am in the top 20% of people under 35. That is because I’m responsible. I’ve never paid anything late, I keep my usuage balance under 10%, and I do not keep a balance month to month.

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How can that be if conservatives are working while libs are home smoking weed and watching Rick and Morty?

The radio ads I hear along those lines are talking about tax debt, so the “free stuff” part you went on about doesn’t really apply.

And it ain’t Millenials and Gen Z listening to the AM radio.

Sucks to be deplorable

Racist thread.

Op is pointing out that states with high black and other minorities have lower ratings.


No, you are pointing that out. It is your own racist angle.

Eat your peas.

Like Alaska and West Virginia?

But they should be safe from the democrat plantation in a red state. Why aren’t these minorites thriving?

That’s a terrible generalization.

It’s not because conservatives are untrustworthy, it’s because conservatives are irresponsible with money.


How do you know?

I live in a very blue state and the red states might have worse credit ratings, most everyone I know here are getting hammered by rising house prices and property taxes. If another housing bubble comes along it will be just as bad as last time.

There selling shacks here in Seattle for 600k it’s gotten that ridiculous.

Sounds like Super Elites need to get their ■■■■ together.

I did my own research ; ) and was correct.

Millennials and Generation X lsten to the radio by the millions.

They don’t even watch live TV. Blue hairs listen to the AM radio and watch live TV.

Yeah you also get ■■■■■■ credit scores when you pay for everything in cash and don’t “borrow” but don’t let that little fact detract from your diatribe. :roll_eyes:

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