Lowering the SS so 16 year old's can vote?

Lowering the Selective Services age for 16 year’s old?
So, now for the sake of having more voters you’ll put 16 year old’s into combat, and even be drafted if need be?
So, Democrats are NOW willing to send our 16 year old kids into combat for the sake of them getting a larger voting block ?
Can you imagine the 1st 16 killed, you’ll have ever liberal screaming that Republicans are kid killing warmongers, because that’s how they roll, start stuff and then point fingers and say, look what they’ve done?
Personally, I don’t think America is ready to see its 16 year olds blown apart or beheaded by the type of people we’re fighting today, imho

Luckily there’s already a thread to discuss this.

“Pelosi and the Dumbs wants 16 year olds voting”


dang it, oh well, now what do I do, just act like I didn’t do this one and post my thoughts there? man i’m dumb,lol

If you and I ignore this thread maybe everyone else will too.