LOW EXPECTATIONS? Bernie, Perez Downplay Potential ‘BLUE WAVE’ for Midterms

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/low-expectations-bernie-perez-downplay-potential-blue-wave-for-midterms/

Democratic congressional leaders and candidates dampened expectations for the media’s predicted “blue wave” in recent days; saying “we always knew this election was going to be close.”

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez was speaking with CNN this week when he conceded the race for control of the House of Representatives was neck-and-neck with just two weeks until Election Day.

“We always knew that this election was going to be close — I don’t use the term ‘blue wave,’ I always talk about the need for the blocking and tackling,” said Perez.

“I always talk about the need for organizing, to make sure you’re leading with your values, and that’s how we’ve been winning throughout this year and throughout 2017,” he added.

“A lot of people talk about this ‘blue wave’ and stuff,” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders told The Hill. “I don’t believe it.”

Recent polls show the GOP maintaining a razor-thin, one point advantage in approximately 70 pivotal House races throughout the country.

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