Lots of respect for Ted Cruz

Cruz want to Hong Kong to meet and show support with protesters, calling out China.

US Sen. Ted Cruz on Saturday condemned China’s handling of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, saying suppression of free speech in the territory showed fear from what he called a “dictatorship” in Beijing.

“The Chinese Communist government, I believe, is terrified of the protesters in the streets in Hong Kong,” the Texas Republican told reporters at an afternoon meeting at the US consul general’s residence in the Chinese special administrative region.

“President Xi is terrified of millions of people in Hong Kong but even more than that millions of people in China yearning to live free.”


Good for him. I’m pleasantly surprised.

Good on Cruz.

He’s still a worm.

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I’m pleasantly surprised he has the spine.

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Hopefully China won’t retaliate by interfering in Cruz’s next election.

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Lyin’ Ted is trying to torpedo our amazing trade deal with China !!!

M :cn:G :cn: !!!

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I still have no respect for the sniveling toad. But even ■■■■■■■■ do the right thing now and then.

Glad to see he seems to have found his spine - for the moment.

He’s vying for POTUS IMO and nothing more…but it’s still good for the protesters. :+1:

That picture is his legacy.