Lord.....is it I?

Jesus KNEW Judas would betray him, yet he treated him so well the other disciples had no clue. He treated him so well, it caused them to question themselves…“is it I?” Can we treat those who betray us this well? Can we love beyond the betrayal?

It would be suicide for our nation to behave as Jesus

Compassionate, Loving, Forgiving. Those are bad things?

Yet the Democrats apologize to other nations for America being free,
and being who we are.

Only in your mind, my friend.

The right has rejected those qualities in a leader, we know that at least.

They are busy electing people based on who can come up with the best schoolyard name for opponents.

Would Jesus kill or bomb a country in self defense?

I guess it’s only in my mind then when it seems odd, that Democrat Politicians
think it is some how discriminatory to say things like i’m proud to an American?
Why do they find nationalism, and patriotism a bad thing then? haha

Perhaps………it’s all in your mind, my non-friend. lol.

No, it’s in your mind, my friend.

We are committing suicide because we are not behaving as Jesus.

You’re not real familiar with Revelation are you?

Please cite where Jesus taught us to kill in self defense

This called to mind a quote from Elbert Hubbard a couple of centuries ago: “If men could only know each other, they would neither idolize nor hate.”

Jesus truly knew each of his Apostles.

Please cite where your God told you to support the murder of innocent babies?
and whatever God that is, I’m pretty sure that we differ in beliefs. lol.

Numbers 5:11-31


Uuum What? You’ve used this how many times before?
I think what your interpretation of the Bible is, and what mine is, are completely
different things.

Just like a Political Correct Dictionary, I think that Democrats need their own version
of the Bible as well. That way they can justify supporting acts of immorality(such as Abortion).

By the way, I’m just curious…………………….but who do you think is more likely to
cheat on their spouse in general? Who do you think is more likely to be monogamous over Polyamorous? and who do you think is more likely to have an Abortion?

I know! I know! I know!!! Democrats are over Republicans, the majority of times in general.

Thank you God. Oops I mean You’re always right, and everyone else is always wrong, therefore you’re perfect. lol


Would you like me to keep going?

yes! That way you can waste your time “Rambling” on about
another thing you think you’re right on, but you’re actually wrong on,
and I can go onto something else, and you quit wasting my time. lol. :smirk:

It doesn’t really lend credence to an adult’s position on any given topic by “laughing out loud” at the end of every statement. Just an observation. Lol.

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