Looks like we dodged a bullet on the COVID pandemic

In 2015, Chinese military scientists discussed how to weaponze SARS coronaviruses , five years before the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in Wuhan, China - where CCP scientists were collaborating with a US-funded NGO on so-called ‘gain of function’ research to make bat coronaviruses infect humans more easily. . . PLA scientists note how a sudden surge of patients requiring hospitalization during a bioweapon attack “could cause the enemy’s medical system to collapse”.

Imagine how much worse things would be in the US, Europe, India, etc. if China had actually released a bioweapon with these properties?

Of course WHO and media experts have assured us that COVID is just random freak that came from an unknown natural origin and any suggestion of a lab origin is a racist, anti-Chinese conspiracy theory.

Did we dodge a bullet on the coronavirus?


It took about thirty seconds to find out that the “document” in question is a book titled The Unnatural Origin of SARS and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons, and that the main contention of it is that SARS from 2002 and 2004 was a bioweapon developed by the west as a as weaponized form of disease to fight China.

That it was the West that developed SARS as a weapon not that China was developing.

If you can’t trust Tyler Durden, who can you trust?

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Researchers from the University of North Caroline worked with scientists from Wuhan to develop modified bat coronaviruses that were engineered to infect humans.

A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence | Nature Medicine

Thankfully nothing like that lab-produced virus has yet appeared since it could kill millions and overwhelm hospitals.

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The new National Institutes of Health policy reverses a 2014 Obama administration funding ban on gain-of-function research projects specifically involving all forms of the influenza virus, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

So now that the initial claim at Zero Hedge has been shown to be pretty lame we are moving on to a Gish Gallop of random articles in order to somehow justify it’s wrongness.



Nothing to worry about since Dr. Fauci approved US-funded work in China.

Anthony Fauci Reportedly Relaunched Gain-of-Function Research without Consulting White House | National Review

Fortunately China has assured the world that none of the dangerous viruses have been released from their labs, and Dr. Fauci has agreed with that assessment.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Evidence says coronavirus ‘could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated’ in lab - ABC7 Chicago

Imagine how bad things would be if the COVID was really a bioweapon instead of simply an odd freak of nature.


This came out last year and was denied in this forum.

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Breaking News from the Joe Rogan Experience.

What has happened to the National Review?

Fauci heads NIH, which gave money to the Wuhan lab to study bat coronaviruses:

The US National Institute of Health, a government agency, also gave a $3.7million research grant to the WIV [Wuhan Institute of Virology] to carry out research on bats from caves in Yunnan, more than 1,000 miles away. Scientists have traced the sequencing of the COVID-19 genome to Yunnan, the Mail on Sunday revealed over the weekend.

State Department warned in 2018 that Wuhan lab could cause ‘new SARS-like pandemic’ | Daily Mail Online

The US State Department raised concerns over safety issues at the Wuhan research lab studying coronaviruses in animals like bats two years ago, new diplomatic cables reveal. . .They voiced concern over a lack of safety protocols and the biosafety of the lab’s research on coronavirus in animals like bats and warned that if cautionary steps weren’t taken, the lab’s research could spark a SARS-like outbreak.

Fortunately China has assured us that the virus did not come from a lab in spite of the concerns from US observers.


Check out the Nature references if you want to go back to an original source that predates the current epidemic.

Fortunately Nature has added disclaimers in response to pressure from the government of China. We would not want people coming to independent conclusions that don’t agree with the party line.

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Here’s a nice walk down memory lane where it mentioned that this might have been made in a lab last April, when this was all just getting started. Now look at those that so arrogantly told us how wrong that was.

Here is the honest truth.

This could have been a lab accident. It could also have been natural. No one really knows 100% for sure which it is. The majority of the evidence is pointing to a natural origin… or at least an origin of an intermingling of species that would never really come into close contact with each other in the wild… but there is still some chance that it escaped a research facility.

We just don’t know yet.

Anyone who tells you that they do is lying to you.

And of course it should be looked into and researched for how to prevent and prepare for future pandemics… because this is going to happen again… probably in our lifetimes and it will likely be a nastier bug next time.

Those two possibilities are certainly valid possibilities. But not the only two.

It could have been deliberate.

Or it could have existed since before recorded history, but only now has it managed to penetrate into the human population.

As you noted, nobody (among pedestrian internet handles) knows.

I will say this: If it was a lab accident (which is my guess) or deliberate, SOMEBODY does know.

A far as an internet discussion goes, all we have at our disposal is to cast aspersion on those who raise possibilities we don’t agree with. :man_shrugging:

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That’s all I need. Just listen to China. They are very honorable. Especially the leaders. Trust them. They have earned it.

Real news is fake news, but Tyler Durden is facts. Makes sense now?


It should be pointed out that the Wuhan lab is a world class level 4 containment facility with international teams of top level scientists from the US and Europe, easily comparable to labs in the west. It isn’t likely to have escaped a facility like that, though the chances are not zero.

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Why would any country deliberately release a virus in their own back yard?

Same reason they’d kill their first born if it was a girl.


That is something that could happen to another person.

Releasing a virus intentionally could hurt yourself.

So why do it in your own backyard?

Like say the US government would want to deploy a biological agent against China. Why would they release it Chicago?

Releasing a bioweapon in your own country would only make sense if you know that your population already has a high degree of immunity, and you want to reduce the risk of reprisal from the target countries.

The fact is that the reported death rate in China is 3 per million while the US rate is 1714 per million of population. The massive difference in death rate must just be a coincidence since China has assured the world that the virus is of natural origin.
COVID Live Update: 158,952,783 Cases and 3,306,223 Deaths from the Coronavirus - Worldometer (worldometers.info)