Looks like Brexit is happening Queen agrees to suspend parliament

Boris Johnson asked the Queen to suspend parliament between Sept. 9 and Sept. 12, until Oct. 14. I might be reading this wrong but it looks like this is the first time the monarchy has stepped in since 1948. Unless Boris and the EU changes something in the agreement it looks like Brexit will be delivered as a no deal by Oct 31st.


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The fine tradition of British government is that everything is done through the monarch. The Queen opens parliament, she dissolves it, she suspends it. She’s the only one who does these things, but never of her own volition, only at the instruction of the Cabinet.

The monarchy isn’t stepping in to anything. Its doing its constitutional duty of passing the PM’s wishes through the machinery.

I’m not sure what the big deal is, assuming Johnson wants to remain PM and the Tories want to stay in power.

The October 31st deadline.

Populism is fun!

The unusual part of the proroguing of parliament is the length of time between the closing of the current session and the opening of the next. There may be a legal challenge. In a nutshell it is attempt bu B Johnson for very base political goals.

There is a possibility that he will face a no confidence vote and if he lost that he would have no choice but to resign his Prime Ministership.

There is still a lot to play out yet.

The Speaker is less than impressed with B Johnson’s move and motivation. It will be compelling viewing next week.

Britain system of government continues to be a baffling mix of modern and 700 year old polite political convention…so let’s not follow those convention… brilliant

I’m curious to see what @MoleUK or @Nemesis (or any other of our overseas brethren) have to say about all of this.

Well we could see what the current government of UK believes would happen…


The documents published by the Times also quote officials as warning that up to 85% of all trucks wouldn’t be ready for French customs at the critical English Channel crossing that day, causing lines that could stretch out for days. Some 75% of all drugs coming into Britain arrive via that crossing, the memos warned, “making them particularly vulnerable to severe delays.”

The officials foresee “critical elements” of the food supply chain being affected that would “reduce availability and choice and increase the price, which will affect vulnerable groups.”

I think “28 days later” has some good B-roll to be used


In my opinion QEII should have told Johnson no and told Rees-Mogg to crawl back under the rock he came from.

The Queen has zero authority to decline this kind of request from the PM.

She reigns but does not rule.

(I don’t understand it either, but I also don’t understand cricket.)

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No kidding!It looks like it is going to be a clown show for sure. :flushed:

Sorry you may have misunderstood my meaning. By convention she takes the advice of her government but without refusing it explicitly she could have suggested to Johnson that it was not a good idea. If Johnson had chosen to ignore her advice then she would have consented.

I don’t know the exact details but apparently a few centuries ago the King or Queen may have refused the request to prorogue parliament.

PS I do understand cricket.

With respect to some of the drugs. Part of the problem is that some can’t be stockpiled.

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I would love to see Scotland tell the U.K. to bugger off and declare themselves independent. And stay in the eu

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And nationalise all foreign owned golf courses.


The day after the Oct 31 no deal Brexit, the pound will be trading at one-to-one to the dollar. :laughing:

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I bet this won’t be too far off the mark.

Brits going overseas will be screwed.

However, a good time for Americans to go to England.