Looks like Biden will get his 200th Article III Judicial nominee confirmed this upcoming week

Biden currently stands at 197 successful Article III Judicial nominations. 1 Supreme Court Justice, 41 Court of Appeals Judges, 153 District Court Judges and 2 Trade Judges.

1 Court of Appeals Judge nominee is teed up for confirmation on Monday.
2 District Court Judges are expected to be confirmed during the remainder of the week.

As I have previously mentioned, the lack of legislative output from the House of Representatives has helped make this possible, by freeing Senate time from legislative purposes to confirmations.

4 additional Court of Appeals nominees are pending, though the Mangi nomination is effectively dead.

20 additional District Court nominees are pending.

It seems less likely that Biden will be able to match Trump’s one term total, but he will come fairly close.

See HR2 and what the Senate did with it.
Anything the Republican House likes the Democrat Senate does not… They are not about to be tied up with House Bills.


Biden is only dimly aware of his own existence.

Valerie Jarrett gets credit from me.

Let’s go Brandon.

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That’s too bad. I’ve listened to the opinions of some that are being questioned by Congress and they do not represent what I’d label as American values and the Constitution. They are what I’d classify as “woke”.


Biden appointing 200 judges means it is less likely a conservative can get a fair trial on anything.

I would label most of these judges as woke and unamerican.

Biden is steering us closer to being Venezuela/russia all the time.


Woke and unamerican. LOL have you really head yourself.

But of course all the judges Trump appointed were patriotic freedom loving Americans who will always make the right decision until they dont. Then they will be a plant by the dems.

Always a way for cons to be eternal victims.

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Depends on which judicial district you live in.

If you live in the Western District of Washington, Biden has appointed all seven active District Judges.

If you live in the Northern District of Texas, Biden has appointed none.

In any event, 99% of people will never set foot in a United States District Court, so the composition of their State courts is much more relevant.

Biden’s appointments won’t be all that significant unless he wins a second term, particularly in the backdrop of Trump’s appointments.

Come on now.

Lets put it this way, most ordinary people are likely to get to Federal Court by way of removal from State Court under a Federal Court’s diversity jurisdiction. Usually, they get there as a civil plaintiff in a tort action or other similar civil complaint.

Which means that it makes little difference whether the Judge is a Republican or Democratic appointee.

You might be that one person in a million that makes it there on a high profile “Federal Question” case, where the identity of the Judge matters, but ultimately the appellate process evens that out for the most part.

Will these judges decide cases that affect outside their jurisdiction, and will theses judges make decisions that affect people not involved in case?


and trump judges like Cannon are the pillars of society.

please spare the forum this partisan pablum.


I will take this question as an opportunity to reiterate that I oppose nationwide injunctions and support measures to stop judge shopping for that purpose. I support reforms to the Federal Judiciary to limit or prohibit the use of nationwide injunctions.

I would allow District Judges to place injunctions within their own State or Judicial District. Courts of Appeals would be permitted to broaden those injunctions to the entire circuit. Only the Supreme Court would be permitted to enjoin a statute, executive order or agency rule on a nationwide basis.

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I know your opinion and agree. But my question stands in response to your statement

Many more people are affected by a US district court then a state court

a, an and the…

article 3

I think the high profile nature of some Federal cases tends to skew our perception of the day to day influence of Federal Courts in the lives of average American. Yes, they rule on guns and abortion and other high profile matters. But the number of those cases are fairly small when compared to the total caseload of the Federal System. And many Federal Judges will never see a high profile case in their careers.

Wesley Brown served in the District of Kansas for over 50 years, but never had a high profile case. That will likely be the same situation for many of Biden’s (and Trump’s) appointees.

Most of their caseload is criminal, criminal habeas and diversity jurisdiction civil tort cases.

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Stays and rulings across jurisdictions.

Agreed, but until that happens?

Number 200 was confirmed about half an hour ago.

201 will be confirmed in a couple of hours.

Just got to push for change. I think there is a consensus between the two parties for a least some reform.

One thing I was NOT aware of, was that Biden has managed to get back in front of Trump on the Judicial appointment pace.

As of 5/22/24


201 total
1 Supreme Court Justice
46 Courts of Appeals Judges
152 District Court Judges
2 Trade Court Judges

Trump (as of 5/22/20)

196 total
2 Supreme Court Justices
51 Courts of Appeals Judges
141 District Court Judges
2 Trade Court Judges

So he clearly has a fighting chance to tie or beat Trump in overall number of judges appointed.

Trump successfully appointed 38 more Judges. Biden would need 33 to tie or 34 to beat Trump.

Biden currently has 23 nominees pending (though one of those, Mangi, is considered to be a lost cause at this point). So he would have to send at least 12 new nominees to the Senate in the next couple of months to have a shot at beating Trump. There are enough vacancies for Biden to manage this.

It will be close, whether Biden beats, ties or loses to Trump in terms of overall numbers. They will end up fairly close together.