Looks like a Pennsylvania Township (not the one I talked about in the previous thread) will successfully jump school districts


The two school districts involved are Northern York County School District and Dover Area School District. Washington Township is the westernmost township in DASD as shown on the map above. It wishes to join NYCSD, with which it currently shares a lengthy boundary.

DASD is primarily rural while NYCSD is a mix of suburban and rural. But NYCSD has a lower tax rate and a significantly better educational outcome. NYCSD is neutral to the move. DASD is opposed. The residents of Washington Township are nearly unanimous in support of the move. The move effects about 205 students from Washington Township.

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania approved Washington Township’s move, but it will be effective with the 2021/2022 school year. That will allow time to plan for the move and for the expected appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, this may lead other townships to try to “jump” school districts.

One of these days, the Pennsylvania Legislature has got to step in with modest consolidation and realignment.

DASD, by the way, was the school district involved in the infamous “Of Pandas and People” stupidity.

And something from the opponents.

There does not appear to be any racial aspect to this move. Both school districts are lily white, with negligible minority populations in any of the involved boroughs or townships.

The accusation of classism levied by some in the above article has more weight. Washington Township is fairly affluent, as is Northern York County School District.