Look at the Clinton's


Conservatives don’t what a liberal would have done in this situation.
You think this helps conservstives out , showing stupid the libs do
when act like fools.

She lost.

You guys really should get over it.


Reading the article made me laugh when Limbaugh started criticizing the Clinton marriage.

Isn’t Limbaugh divorced four times now?

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If the going gets tough, quit!

He embodies (probably shouldn’t use that word around Rush) family values Republicanism. They value families so much it’s why they have so many of 'em!


They lost their boogeyman, and are having trouble adjusting.


It’s amazing the tale he can weave from a mere picture of Hillary and Bill on an airplane.

I can tell you why no one attacked them. Most people have no problem with either Hillary or Bill.

It’s only here in the bubble of Hannityville and Outer Trumplandia that people have severe dislike of them.

Not at all. Trump voters continue to celebrate having dodged the Hillary liberal hel that would have surely come had libs got their way. I’d guess they’ll be celebrating until the next Presidential election and it may even pick up steam if she formally announces her intent to run again.

I was hoping Bill would start leering at the woman in the red dress, Matrix style. That he didn’t is enough to criticize him for.

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What is this thread even about?

Oh, and Hillary running in 2020?

Russian trolls pushing the rumor.

Bill’s flying commercial these days? Could explain the FBI’s warning of an increase in sexual assults in airplanes.

Crap joke, I know, but I couldn’t help it.

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Saw this story on the Gateway Pundit today, it’s catching fire with these numbnuts.

You guys cry about Russia about everything.

The Cold War is over. Red Scare? No more. America’s interests and Russian interests align more than they diverge.

English isn’t your first language is it?


You betcha!

This is an Anerican’s website by golly!

Type American, dagnabit!

Russia only knows how to defeat Hillary with Donald.

If the Dems should be mean and not choose Hillary that would blow their whole election interference game out of whack.

Perhaps they are not being accosted because the Clinton’s haven’t been complicit in the border chaos that is ongoing that has so many people up in arms?

That and just maybe the Clinton’s Secret Service detail is doing their job protecting them from the crazies?

Talking about Hillary keeps the focus off some of the stuff (like anti free market, trumpcare, Kim, Putin) that Trump does. Watch for it. It’s a red flag.

The Clintons are the greatest threat to America at this current time. We dodged a bullet 2 years ago, but we need to stay diligent.