Look At DeSantis Go!

No CRT. Teaching civics (they need to teach government).

Be interesting to see what comes of it.


I’ve been hearing his name a lot lately. How would a presidential run in 2024 affect his governorship?

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I’m not sure how CRT even relates to Civics? Also, I’m not sure why the statement needed to be made at all… where else in America is CRT taught to k-12?

He’s good for 2024.




Unless the democrats succeed in putting themselves (the feds) totally in charge of all state and local election security. If they do that, all bets are off.

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Please, Show me a K-12 class on critical race theory.

Also what does CRT have to do with civics? Seems like an unnecessary call out for political points

Read the article.

Unless something crawls out, he may very well wind up being the gop nom.

He is however an authoritarian. Foreign nationals on us soil enjoy the same rights as permanent residents and citizens.

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That’s not strictly true.

You are right it’s not but i never liked this position

Yes and if the moon turns to cheese well who knows what happens then.

What position do you like?

Pretty goofy reply based on the fact that there is no plan to turn the moon to cheese. Is there a plan to federalize elections? Do you have any idea?

That if you are on US soil the second amendment allows you to purchase firearms regardless if you are a National of a foreign country.

Limiting that is unconstitutional

I used allows wrongly i know but i think you get what i mean

There is not

There is about about as much a plan to turn the moon to cheese as there is to federalize. But i am not derailing this thread

Same, maybe there are some but none that I am aware of…this is more of the usual “culture war” pandering that we have seen lately it’s all the GOP has right now

The base eats it up

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Biden regime will be coming down hard on DeSantis…I’m sure they will set him up to be raided by FBI on some trump up charges…and no that was not a pun.


Sorry forgot to add they also have their conspiracy theories…which to be fair are tied to their “culture war” mentality

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