LONDON FALLING: UK Capital Sees 100th MURDER as Stabbings Spike

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London police launched an official investigation into the capital’s 100th murder of 2018 Thursday; raising serious security concerns over public safety and renewed calls to curb sales of knives and other weapons to the public.

According to the Mirror, an “epidemic” of knife crime continues to rock the United Kingdom after a 73-year-old was found dead in southwest London.

“While the investigations into the motives behind deaths vary wildly - from social media disputes to domestic incidents to seemingly random attacks a consistent theme from month to month is the use of knives as a lethal weapon,” writes the Mirror.

“In 2017 there was a total of 116 murders in the capital with this year appearing set to mark a rise in the number of offences,” adds the author.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan came under fire from furious residents after his weak response to the escalating crisis; blaming “budget cuts” for the spike in stabbings.

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