LOL Trey Gowdy ask what the hell have they been doing

The FBI is corrupt federal organization that care only about FBI…you of all people should know that. You had a chance to go uncover that corruption but you gave them a pass…and thus stalled from exposing them for who and what they are by 2 plus years.

So I asked you…what the hell have you done when you had that chance?

We know Christopher Wray is just another corrupt agent that’s stalling for time…time in hopes that democrats retake the senate an presidency so he can permanently bury that corrupt forever. And not just bury it…but to pick up where Obama left off.

On and I don’t buy that top 1 percent that is corrupted. You don’t get to DC or any top level without having similiar political corrupt philosophies. The institution itself is corrupt.

I won’t go that far and declare the entire FBI corrupt but I do believe that at the top, there is an inherent desire to preserve the reputation of it and in achieving that goal, the leader is hiding what actually took place and by who? Wray has shown himself to be a bad choice and one possible idea I just heard by Gooddad409 is President Trump replace him with General Flynn. That will get this derailed train…back on track. Wooo-woooooooo…all steam ahead. :sunglasses:

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You don’t get into top management, the top 10 percent unless you have right political philosophy and right attitude.