LOCK HIM UP? Kamala Harris Vows to ‘PROSECUTE’ Trump if Elected in 2020

Originally published at: LOCK HIM UP? Kamala Harris Vows to ‘PROSECUTE’ Trump if Elected in 2020 | Sean Hannity

Failing Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris warned President Trump Wednesday that her Department of Justice would have “no choice” but to prosecute the President should she win the White House in 2020.

“Harris, in a newly released interview, said she believes the only reason former Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not recommend prosecuting Trump was because of the Justice Department’s policy against indicting a sitting president. Once out of office, Trump would be subject to charges — and Harris was emphatic in saying the DOJ should pursue them,” reports Fox News.

“I believe that they would have no choice and that they should, yes,” Harris said on this week’s NPR Politics Podcast.

“I mean look, people might, you know, question why I became a prosecutor,” Harris added. “Well, I’ll tell you one of the reasons – I believe there should be accountability. Everyone should be held accountable, and the president is not above the law.”

The Senator’s comments come as far-left Democrats push Speaker Nancy Pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi continued to defy calls from far-left Democrats to impeach President Trump this week; saying her caucus is “not even close” to removing the Commander-in-Chief from office.

“It’s not even close in our caucus,” said Pelosi Tuesday. “Why are we speculating on hypotheticals?”

“It’s not off the table,” the speaker said, before adding, “I don’t think you should impeach for political reasons and I don’t think you should not impeach for political reasons.”

“It’s not about politics,” Pelosi said. “It’s not about Democrats and Republicans. It’s not about partisanship. It’s about patriotism to our country.”

Pelosi says impeachment is "not off the table."

"It's not about politics," she says. "It's about patriotism …" pic.twitter.com/v37nn6xihR

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) June 11, 2019

President Trump called-out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last Friday; slamming the top Democrat after she told her colleagues she’d like to see the Commander-in-Chief “in prison” rather than impeached.

“Nervous Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to herself and her family for having made such a disgusting statement, especially since I was with foreign leaders overseas. There is no evidence for such a thing to have been said. Nervous Nancy & Dems are getting Zero work done in Congress and have no intention of doing anything other than going on a fishing expedition to see if they can find anything on me – both illegal & unprecedented in U.S. history. There was no Collusion – Investigate the Investigators! Go to work on Drug Price Reductions & Infrastructure!” tweeted Trump.