Liz Cheney for president in 2024? Anyone else

I could vote for him. Historic.

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I could also.

He has the policy we need.

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You are on the left in every thread discussion on this forum. Why would the Democrat candidate even matter to you?

Forget policy! The first ADOS President!

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Easily the most left wing and divisive president I’ve seen. TBH he just reflects where the Democrat party is as a whole.

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I wish Liz was a roll of toilet paper so that I could at least have one use for her.

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I totally agree.

Biden’s presidency is for anyone short of being far left wing kook a damn disaster. Not that I think he’s running any of it…

But he is the face of it.

In 6 months to the day today Biden has already done irreparable harm to this country. We set a record for border crossings in June and that’s just the people we know about. Now that those people are here they aren’t going home. The keystone pipeline is done forever. The border wall might not ever be finished.

The people running that senile old man’s presidency need to be soundly defeated…I mean soundly I. 2022 and 2024.

It’s amazing how much damage has been done in 6 short months.

The Liz Cheney’s of the world won’t have the heart and stomach and balls to go to war with the nut job left…which is what’s going to have to happen in the next couple of elections.


I think for myself. Can’t vote for the following people in 2024.

Jeb bush

Could vote for



Everyone else.




Oh Lord! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk😀

[quote=“Supreme_War_Pig, post:151, topic:239607”]

Yuk it up laughing boys.

I m sure you think you are cute and clever.

Meanwhile Biden…you remember him…the guy who was going to be a moderate unifying the country and who was going to follow the science and get Covid under control…that Biden…

Under his wide open borders leadership Covid cases in the rio grande valley among the illegals coming into the country are up 900% under Biden’s stupid policies. From

EXCLUSIVE : The number of detainees who tested positive for COVID-19 in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector alone has increased by 900%, according to information obtained by Fox News. There were 135 detainees who tested positive in the first two weeks of July alone, marking a 900% increase in confirmed positive cases compared to the previous 14 months.”

The Biden administration has stood there and bald faced lied about that border being closed…it’s not only wide open but the dirt bag in the White House who told us he would “follow the science” is letting coronavirus cases into this country like water thru a river.

But go ahead…yuk it up laughing boys.

Edited to add…our country is in trouble folks. Biden and the people running him are putting America as we have known it in serious danger. The Liz Cheney’s of the world do great segments in Sunday morning tv but they don’t have what it takes to defeat the crooks running Biden and the left…|01||7446b0b8329a4500792f08d94c465a0e|84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa|1|0|637624687307853836|Unknown|TWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D|1000&sdata=8regrtQMBdaq%2BQMZjgbcLjkljmchM419XwfeorzPNvs%3D&reserved=0


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Not all conservatives support Donald Trump. Liz Cheney is a possibility.

The article isn’t clear, though, what she has in mind except for keeping Donald Trump out of office & an investigation of his role in the events of January 6.

How does she see conservative politics? What is her vision of the U S instead of us under Trump? What changes would she hoped to accomplish if elected?