Liz Cheney for president in 2024? Anyone else

A shack of poison gas? Hardly worth going to war over.

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What were you saying back in 2002-2003 about Dick Cheney? Now you love the guy?

A guy that started multiple wars thinks the man that started none is a threat to our Republic?

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I am sure that there are 50+ former intel officials who would support her.

Maybe they will write another letter?

No liberal loves Dick Cheney. Not then, not now

Many sure seem excited about his daughter and Dick’s hatred for Trump. He’s your guy now.

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No he’s not in any way my guy. Also nobody is “excited” about his daughter either. We might commend her for the integrity she’s shown in standing up for her beliefs but that’s it. We agree with none of her views

I don’t like Dick Cheney now…his politics are totally different from mine…but I don’t think in binary.

On those occasions I agree with him, I can state it without suddenly him becoming “my hero”.

That’s a stupid way of looking at people and what they say.


That’s why I never said here at Hannity. :wink:

There are comment sections on other platforms ya know.

Yeah, you might be able to find some edgers, but mostly I think this is made up,

Think what you like. You will anyway.

The funny thing is, offering some proof of your assertion would be quite simple.

Linking to another forum etc? Nah, not gonna skirt that rule.

Like I said, I don’t care if you believe it or not. Even with proof given around here, there are still the denials so there is no point. Again, I do not care if YOU believe me. I know what I read and don’t really care about winning your approval. I have better things to do.

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Sure, sure.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Liz Cheney is nothing but another privileged elitist who got where she is in life because of who ger daddy is.