Liz Cheney blames dems in the house for turkey invading syria

Lol. Now I heard everything.

It couldn’t have been trump withdrawing the troops.

Nah. It’s the dems in the house fault for weakening America and letting turkey invade.

Turkey invading Syria falls squarely on the trump administration.

No one or nothing else.


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Trump Man Good.

People will believe her.

Boy there are really stupid people in Congress. She might have landed in the Top 4, behind Spineless Graham, Gaetz, and Moscow Mitch.

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This just shows how terrified they all are of Cult 45. When one of this biggest hawks in Congress can’t even bring herself to say the name of the person responsible, and has to go to the bottom of the well for a completely idiotic partisan attack to lay blame, you know how real the fear is.

Brainwashing and propaganda have severely damaged this nation. We should all be concerned over this truth. We have millions of Americans living life completely and wholly detached from reality. Being spoon fed propaganda for years has allowed the worms to enter their brains.


Stupid and cowardly hag. Shameful.


How do these people sleep at night

This will be the new talking point on Fox and CEC radio…

Say the name, you coward.

After her initial criticism, someone told Liz to fall back into line.


Circling the wagons. They are hoping beyond hope that they can survive this madness.

Sad thing is, they likely will. I haven’t checked the current approval ratings among conservatives but I’m willing to bet it’s above 85%.

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I’m not sure about conservatives. But Republicans are certainly around that threshold. Welcome to the Idiocracy.

I’ll have to poke around and see if there are any polls that make the distinction.

I’ve always tried to maintain a level of respect for principled conservatives and conservatism as an ideology, because it’s deserved. I count you among them. But taken as a whole, there’s been too many instances where self-identified conservatives have remained silent or actually supported the idiocy of this POTUS and his administration, when it should be a no-brainer to criticize him and demand a change of course. Partisanship, and the threat of reprisal from ardent Trump supporters, however has made it increasingly difficult to find any breathing space between conservatives, Republicans, and Trumplicans.


That is a very fair point. Trumpists have bastardized conservatism for their own gain. And with that, they have also taken many who previously claimed to adhere to conservative principle with them into the darkness, where the worms have been allowed to fester within their brains. There is truly a distinction without difference now between the definitions, from a practical standpoint.

I guess people like myself, @wonderingrover, @Snagglepuss, @Konssurvative1, and @Dissident_Aggressor…along with a few more I’m surely missing, will have to redefine ourselves. I’m open to suggestions. I know Cult 45 likes to refer to us as libs and traitors, for not bending the knee and kissing the ring.


FWIW, I’ve registered and identified politically as an Independent since the late 90s. The pejorative “mushy middle” isn’t entirely undeserved - it’s really easy from my position to criticize both sides as corrupt/ineffectual, and take no risks in doing so. So props to those who stick it out when their respective parties go off the deep end, but especially when they veer so far from their previously declared values that they are no longer recognizable. Hopefully conservatives can take their party back when this lunacy finally comes to an end.

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Good post. And thank you.

As to the bold, I’m less hopeful that we will see that in whatever amount of time I’m blessed with. I believe we still have not reached peak Idiocracy just yet. We are there, but there will be more to come.

Agreed. Donald’s singular brand of stupid will ensure things will get worse before they get better.

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Apparently there aren’t many conservatives in Wyoming.