LIVE STREAM: President Trump MAGA rally in Topeka KS 10 6 2018

After the live Confirmation vote, completes, the lining up for MAGA rally in Topeka KS begins.

To make sure you are watching Live, tap or click on the word LIVE with the red dot next to it.

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He will have to add to his winning column our new justice!

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The live stream is currently split screen, showing Wash DC and the Rally lining up in Topeka.

Another one?

This is real America, not the one the mass media portrays.

OMG NO SHAME from Schumer.

Rally in Kansas? The state with the worst economy thanks to trump Republicans? That’s pure #MAGA right there.

Wish I was in Kansas. Trump and bbq what more could a person ask for?

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Make sure to tap or click on the word LIVE with the red dot, lower left hand side of window.

A Camera is already inside. Stream is being adjusted.

Where are the Haikus?!?!?!

Are the patriots streaming in yet?

They just stated the line is very long to get in and the stadium is filling fast.

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Patriots don’t stream, they gallop.

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True. All that enthusiasm from getting their checks is hard to keep in check.

There has been so much winning today. Anyone want to take any guesses on how many times Trump will mention his new Supreme Court Justice? It has to be at least 10.

I’ll go 15

Soros skin aging

Withering Life defeated

America First Breeze

If I ever get to the point I’m watching a Trump rally, someone please come and tie rocks around my waist and dump me into the Gulf of Mexico.

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Dampish mass meeting

A little orange sweating

in spite of the frog

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Seriously? I was stationed there for 3 years. Its so bad a deployment to Iraq was a nice break.