Little Red Hen Roosts Here Bad Eggs

Didja get mad about the wet hen restaurant running off Sanders? How about Auntie Maxine’s latest? And Keith Ellison?

MrOT3.0 is pretty new here but he’s been around the block a few times. So I’m going to say what you have prolly thought at one time or another. Trolls live here.

The difference between a soft-brained liberal comment yakker and a troll is that the pure lib on occasion posts stupid stuff that conservatives can get a chuckle or two over.

Whereas the gutter trolls add ZERO value. They just snark.

So what does the Little Red Hen have to do gutter trolls on the Hannity Forum you might ax. Well, I’ll tell you.

Same as you, a good hearted conservative is not welcome at the Red Hen Ptomaine Palace, you’re also not welcome here…according to trolls.

Neither the bored potty-brained adolescent troll nor the paid sorostroll can run you off but they can sure make you wish you never came.

I have seen up close on here whenever anyone brings conservative news or conservative opinion that the one liner snark patrol paid and juvenile trolls descend on them like ducks on corn.

These unfortunates add NO value. Their sole goal is to make you mad…and if possible run you off.

All I can say is don’t let 'em. Be the newsbringer. Be the wise conservative.

Psst… (For CONSERVATIVE eyes ONLY. Consider this a libtrap. Libs can’t help but jump into my traps to help me prove my points. And you can’t keep 'em out! They’re like lemmings. Note the comments below…)

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Lots of good points.

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This thread gave me Fe poisoning.


That’s at least the third time you’ve made a point of saying you’re new here.

But your posting style belies that.

I bet you’re from the old boards, created a new name, and just don’t want to say so for some childish reason.

You triggered bro? :slight_smile:

“Libtraps” that you’ve set here? So you are a regular poster - just with a new name.

As for snark, all your posts reek of it.


Fe = Iron.


Not triggered.

Find the OP to be one of the most ironic things I’ve read in awhile.

Hence the “Fe” poisoning.

Trumpanzees upset that Sanders was judged by the content of her character.

I feel like the name is a clue. At least he puts in a little more effort than some of our other trolls.

Look at the melting Trumpflake.

Avergbear has been released from prison early?

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Spinach. Duh.


That’s what I was thinking as well.

Conservatives wouldn’t be so upset over Sour-puss Sarah getting the heave ho.

Clearly the OP is just another run-of-the-mill Trump worshipper.

What’s the problem…Sanders was merely forceably removed from her dinner.

Good guess. The speech content and pattern would be about right. If I remember correctly, he got banned before the resurrection for constantly broad brushing liberals in every post. Then he came back for a hot minute.

Sorry to disappoint Mx. Alpine…or should I take that as a compliment. All my guys, both good conservatives…the handful, and the glut of verminous demtrolls jes got ran off TheBlaze. That’s all. I was looking for a new place to postulate. Kinda like the interface here.

Above is an example of my lib trap working. Sorting out the good guys from the pustulents. Hee hee!

Looks like MrOT3.0 has begat a con-troversy here. Is he unique, new and fresh… or just memorex?

The vegetable name Spinach must have been a pretty potent. Sorry I never met him. Well, I could be him, or not. Libs are already making their minds up.

My conservative friends. Did you know this funfact about conservatives? Our opinion is shaped by the facts. Whereas the common pustulent lib’s facts are shaped by his opinion.