List of the World's Current Wars. The current state of the world

List of the World’s Current Wars. The current state of the world.

When I grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, the world was FULL of wars. Almost inevitably, they involved some sort of communists fighting against either capitalism or economic oligarchy.

A ‘peace movement’ was a cause celebre as a youth theme common in music, movies and politics etc… It was sort of a 1980s remnant from the 1960s.

With the help of Wikipedia ( I assembled a list of the World’s current wars. The world is still FULL of wars,
but they are categorically different, AND there is no ‘peace movement.’

The list is from wiki. The descriptions are mine, not Wiki’s and not Sean’s.

Here is what I found:

In 2018 there are 18 current wars or political conflicts which cause more than 1,000 direct deaths per calendar year.

  • War in Afghanistan , Muslims vs Muslim radicals

  • Iraqi Civil War, Muslims vs Muslim radicals

  • Mexican Drug War, Drug Cartels vs each other and Gov’t

  • Syrian Civil War, various Muslims vs various Muslim radicals

  • Myanmar Seperatist War, Muslims vs. Buddhists

  • Philippines Moro (seperatist) War, Muslims vs Christians

  • Ethiopia Oromo (seperatist), War, ethnic conflict, (Arami vs Oromo)

  • Somali Civil War, Muslims vs. Muslims vs Muslim radicals

  • Communal/territorial Conflicts in Nigeria, various ethnicities and religions

  • Boko Harem Insurgency in Nigeria, Muslims vs various

  • Northern Mali Conflict, Muslim seperatists vs. mixed

  • Libyan Civil War, Muslim radicals vs Muslims

  • War in Darfur Sudan, Muslim radicals vs Christians

  • Sudan Kordofan Conflict, Muslim radicals vs mixed

  • South Sudan Civil War, Muslim radicals vs Muslims

  • Yemen Civil War, Muslims vs Muslims

  • Sinai Insurgency, Muslims radicals vs Muslims

  • Central African Republic Civil War, ethnic conflict, Seleka (mostly Muslim) vs “anti-Balaka” (mostly Christian)

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Sadly making war seems to be one of the most inherent and natural traits of humanity.

Large or small, force on force, insurgent, terrorist, or guerrilla, nation on nation, nation on group, group against group, family, clan tribal, nation or groups of nations are always at war somewhere on the planet.

It’s just who we are as a species.

As for the spelling? That’s why they call it proof reading and we all do it so don’t feel too bad.

Thank you for replying.

When I was growing up in the 1970’s, it seemed like the Soviets were backing or inspiring proxy wars everywhere.

It is clear that TODAY, a very very large percentage of wars involve Muslims fighting for Muslim states, radical or otherwise.

From a national security standpoint, we would be absolute fools to ignore that, although I cannot say if this is a passing “Muslim Awakening,” eventually to die away, or if Islam has always been this way.

Where are humans there are bound to be wars. Just the nature of the beast.

That’s 100% true.
But was I/would I be naive to think

  • some wars are about territory
  • some wars are about natural resources
  • some are about communism vs. oligopoly
  • some are about ethnic/cultural separatism
  • some are about Islam vs. whatever
  • some are about freedom/free elections
  • etc.?

Whether or not that would have been naive, clearly that is not the case. In the 1970s almost all wars were about the expansion of Communism.
Right now, today, almost all wars seem to involve Islam.

Islam isn’t the root cause to many of the wars more that most of the countries that are in the middle of civil wars are Islamic.

The root cause for most war is control over territory.

So Muslims fighting for an independent Muslim state in Thailand, or The Philippines or Nigeria or wherever are really fighting over something else?

Okay, what about the radical Islamists fighting in Muslim-majority countries to establish Caliphate in Nigeria, Yemen, Iraq, Syria etc…are they fighting over something else too?

I said most not all.

Syrian civil war has nothing to do with religion it has to do with government opression
War in Darfur has nothing to do with religion has to do with government opression
War in Yemen has to do with tribal conflict

Religion is a easy recruitment tool to rally people, so is ethnicity which is a common one used in Africa.

Yup just a coincidence.

Is South America a peaceful place? there are not many Muslim there.

You will notice the most common trend among countries in conflict is their government are oppressive authoritarian regimes.

So, one democracy has never gone to war with another. And wars of separatism almost never occur in democracy.

I buy that.

But given the FACT that nearly all of the world’s current wars involve Islam, where once they involved communism and once they involved resoyrce colonialism is noteworthy. Yes?

out of your list maybe 4 would be classed as democracies.
wars are less likely to happen if you don’t treat your citizen like trash.

If you want to blame Islam for all the world issues be my guest but that would be misguided war will always happen even if Islam never existed.

I agree.

And it was the case when most of the wars were about communists expanding communism.

And it was the case when wars were about colonialists expanding colonial empires.

And the current state of the world is that there are a lot of wars going on and most of them involve Islam.

My body hurts from these wars, and my friends are dying of heart attacks and cancer in their 30’s.

Well thankfully, we are not fighting in most of them.

We do not participate in them in any way.

But we can certainly watch them and recognize who is who if it comes to another fight.

There are American special forces or advisory units in almost every warzone worldwide.

Well, probably half, but your point is taken.

the Cold War meant at any given time there 10 communist wars vs capitalism or oligopoly
AND the US armed the anti- communists,

in the current world there are 15 wars in which radical Muslims are fighting moderate Muslims or nonMuslims
AND the US is using smart bombs and smart missiles to aid the other side.