Lindsey graham. hypocrite

are you not troubled by the fact that he isn’t reading the evidence of a trial he will be a juror on?


You’re probably right there, but I honestly can’t think of any liberal to compare with Graham. If you can, say so. But I don’t think there is one.

If this were a standard criminal trail, I think it would be safe to say that any potential juror that expressed the same disregard to looking at evidence and already adamant in their decision would be disqualified immediately. It will be interesting to see if republicans in the Senate not only choose to acquit President Trump but do so without reviewing the evidence. When everything is laid out on the table in the next few weeks for the public, people like Graham are going to to have a harder time justifying that position.


Hypocrisy is a virtue in Trumps era.


Nothing says open minded like refusing to look at the evidence

I’d prefer he await the actual trial rather than partake in the sideshow.

Sideshow? The depositions of witnesses is germane to the trial he will judge.

This is not the sideshow. This is the SHOW.


Graham has already made his case that Trump is innocent.

Why bother to wait until the trial? He can just declare his vote now. Go up to a podium. Make the official announcement. This way he doesn’t have to show up for the trial.

It’d be better than him voting with the gang of 8.

If you see a kangaroo court in action there is no need to pretend to wait for all the formalities. You know how its going to come out.

I guess as long as politicians can draw conclusions without all of the evidence, or ignoring the evidence, what’s the sense of even having impeachment in the constitution? Maybe Trump can line it out of the constitution with a sharpie.

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Graham told us what condition would have to be met for him to to be disturbed. Very disturbed.

"If you could show me that, you know, Trump actually was engaging in a quid pro quo, outside the phone call, that would be very disturbing.”

One week later, after the evidence comes in of the verrrry disturbing thing, it’s now a kangaroo court.

It must suck to be a Trump supporter.

His behavior and the evidence is falling far faster than his supporters can lower their standards.

For Lindsey Graham, this is just one week in the precipitous decline of his standards.

More to come, more to come.

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ICAM with Lindsey, ENOUGH of this crap!

Democrats bring new meaning to the word hypocrite and the same impeachment bozo’s drooling over getting rid of Trump over Ukraine supposed “quid pro quo” garbage gave a damn about Ukraine under the previous Administration when Russia invaded, they begged for help with weapons to fend off the invasion and Obama sent them blankets and Biden “quid pro quo” blackmailed them for the $1 Billion dollar loan they needed.

It’s more then just BS its a mega load of Democrat dung!


He is protecting his six. Plausible deniability. If he is called on his support for trumps transgressions upon the constitution he wants to be able to say he didn’t see it