Lindsay Graham Immigration legislation

Why does Lindsay Graham continue to promote increased farm immigration, DACA amnesty and the resulting lower wages in legislation he supports with none of the things our president is asking for like and end to chain migration, the lottery, move to a merit based system. money to finish the wall? more ICE officers to remove all criminal illegal immigrants, an end to santuary cities and much more. He seems to talk a good game but never does anything? why does he keep appearing on your program without ANY accomplishments. is all this because he feels confident in his reelection?
We have been hearing for years about all he was going to do regarding the FISA abuse, Spying, Corruption and hunter Biden, the whistle blower, the Russia Hoax, the Ukraine hoax and more? But not a single relevant person has actually appeared to testify before the senate in over 3 years?
Who else joins in asking Lindsay to actually take action and stop the talking. He should come on your show after he actually does something that is not just talk and politics as usual?

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Lindsay Graham is an establishment Republican who first opposed Trump and his agenda. He then saw that this strategy was not in his best political interests, so he put on a Trump MAGA fake mask. Do not let the mask fool you. He’s a part of the swamp IMO.

…and welcome to Hannity Land.


welcome, but do you have a link to his proposal?

We are become less and less dependent on imported labor. We need less farm workers. Not more. We don’t have the money to be importing low skilled people to be put on public assistance. Bad idea. We’re crowded enough here already.

Lindsey Graham… was he lying about Trump during the 2016 campaign or is he lying about Trump now.

Doesn’t matter. He’s a confirmed liar.

Welcome to the forum @frankrichard. Sean may read posts here but I’ve never seen him answer anyone.

Sure thing. You can have the illegals, in exchange for Medicare for all and loan forgiveness.