I cannot listen to this radio show anymore as long as Linda is on it. The two of you sound more annoying than my family at Thanksgiving and it is NOT cute. Also, enough about your karate. This show used to be GREAT- much like Rush still is. But we never here Bo Snerdly’s voice & Rush IS FUNNY & when he injects himself into the show it is ironic or obvious showboating. You sound like a broken record or a braggart. Everyone washes dishes, Sean. Stick to politics please. Linda does NOT have a voice for radio… THANK YOU!!!

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I couldn’t agree more! Who is she? She is annoying and disrespectful.

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Lol I saw the title of this thread and knew what it was about.

They overdid it today, I agree.

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She is Sean’s producer who owns a time share and sleeps on a blow-up mattress (not a put down, just the facts as Sean has presented her) and she is a wonderful lady to be sure, however, I think that THEY think they are funny doing that kind of banter, but neither one is funny on their own and especially not together;-}

Mr. Hannity, if you read these threads, I’d like to thank you for the gift. The strawberries were delicious.


She’s his producer. I don’t think she’s disrespectful, but best in small doses.