Lincoln Project - What?

How can this be? The darlings of the left accused of sexual improprieties?

And they are OUTRAGED! Like they didn’t know Weaver’s proclivities.


“The Lincoln Project condemned its co-founder John Weaver in an official statement released Sunday, after a New York Times report published nearly two dozen testimonies that accused the Republican political strategist of sexual harassment stretching back a number of years.“

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Yes, I didn’t say “the leftist progs”, I said the “darlings of the left”.

Surely you aren’t going to pretend our local progs weren’t fawning over their magnificent ads and short propaganda films against Trump? Surely.



It’s like telling people John Bolton is a hero of the left when he was attacking Trump. Their ads got hype, some were pretty good. That doesn’t translate into “darlings of the left”l except here it always does.

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They made good ads. I enjoyed them. So what?

Republicans fighting Republicans will always bring me joy


The Lincoln Project is a perfect example of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. It’s only due to circumstances that progressives align themselves with this group. I’ve no doubt at all that given enough time, the two opposing factions will once again find themselves on opposite ends of the aisle. But for now, both groups have the same agenda.

The karma dots are aligning perfectly, guiding the way to their fake truth but exposing the real truth along the way. :sunglasses:


The Lincoln project has zero credibility get used to it.

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jesus christ above


sure after it became public


The only thing liberals have in common with the Lincoln Project is that they both want to see Trumpism obliterated.


“Oh those ads are so well done! That’s really going to hurt! Beautiful!”

Come on man.

being deranged anti-trump anymore is starting to correlate with pedophilia

Even you didn’t bother trying to say people loved those who made the ads in the quotes you made, just that they liked the ads themselves.

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The left has been fawning over these guys since they started. You know it, I know it.

Nothing like a good sex scandal to ruin a con.

I’d say darling of some in the media. Morning Joe liked them for instance, entertainment liberal media enjoys “principled conservatives against Trump” narratives. It seemed to go past he ads and onto the people.

That doesn’t carry over with me and the sentiment I read online from random liberals split between the ads are useful and not caring about the ads at all because of the people behind them. On here I saw a lot of enthusiasm for the ads. I was interested in listening to people like Bill Kristol and Michael Steele complain about Trump, but that’s all. Like Ted Cruz trashing Trump at the end of his primary, it was enjoyable, but it didn’t endear me to Cruz, and we see where he ended up after it.

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It was a beautiful collaboration that saved the country. Now they can be enemies again after averting catastrophe.

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Watching Steve Schmidt and Michael Steele obliterate Trump and Trumpism on a daily basis is pretty entertaining.

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It doesn’t really mean much coming from someone who was kissing Trump’s ankles for the past four years anyway.

It’s like anything Lindsey Graham says. To be taken with a grain of salt.

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