Libs. Why do you still support this sicko?

Your idiot has the empathy of a snail. He calls the family of Specialist Kennedy Sanders and immediatly makes the call about himself. With a lie to her family of course. Claiming yet again that his son was killed in Iraq. It never happened. And he continues to tell this lie because YOUR fact checkers are nowhere to be found. ABC and the other clown shows won’t mention this story at all. My question isn’t why you hate Trump. You’ve made that perfectly clear. My question is why do you support such a low life?


What call did you hear? I thought it was full of empathy and comfort.

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No idea what you’re talking about. Please provide a link.

Haven’t heard what he said. Thus can’t comment.

Biden is bad at these things though so I wouldn’t be surprised if he ■■■■■■ it up.

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Leave Shower Daddy ALOOOOONNNNE!!!

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Well at least he didn’t insult Specialist Sanders parents, or call him a loser and a sucker like 45 has done to other vets.

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I thought he was killed in a wildfire?

Or was it a hurricane?

Or flooding?

Seems like joe drags him into everything.

Probably find out he died in a freight derailment in a couple days.


Nothing to say about him lying again about his son’s being killed in Iraq? That seems normal to you?

I understand. The corruption of the lib media keeps them from reporting this story. Thank God for Fox.

‘My son spent a year in Iraq; that’s how I lost him,’ President Biden told the parents of 24-year-old Specialist Kennedy Ladon Sanders


So what if Biden forced his daughter to shower with him. No big (D)eal. :man_shrugging:


So. You have no comment on this story? Your reply is yet again BUT TRUMP!!! Super pathetic.
As I said. We already know how you feel about Trump. My question is what do you think of this lie? Do you have the guts to reply?


He didn’t say that Beau was killed in Iraq. He said that Beau spent a year in Iraq and that is how the President lost him. Whether you agree with it or not, President Biden attributes Beau Biden’s Brain cancer to the burn pits in Iraq.

It is very weird to see the recording of President Biden and have being upset that you think that he lied about his son’s death as the main takeaway.


Yeah I thought it was a pretty good call to a grieving family.

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Look at how automatically the Kid Sniffer fanatics spin this to mean “after” Iraq. It’s a programming masterpiece of (D)upes. :rofl:


He should have said “my son died from health complications from serving in Iraq.” Would have squashed this before it ever started.

When someone says “my son was killed in a war” it implies that they were killed in action. Which is a very big distinction versus someone dying from complications years after service. They did make it home at least.

Stolen valor


But he didn’t say that Beau was killed in war. He says that Beau died because he was in Iraq. Anyone who looks at why he says that for a simple second understands why he frames it that way.

He’s the president. He knows how the media is. He’s been in Washington for forty years now.

Be specific with every statement. Because the media is going to pick it apart if they taste any blood in the water.

Outside of the one specific mistake, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Biden seemed to be trying to understand how his mother is feeling right now. That’s really hard for someone so cut off from the rest of us normal people.

So for once the libs aren’t totally wrong.

By clueless Joe’s historically low standards it wasn’t horrible call based on what we could hear.

He needs to quit equating the admittedly tragic death of his son Beau from cancer to battlefield deaths (that very possibly could have been avoided without his incompetence).

He needs to understand that the country has heard the Beau Biden story dozens and dozens of times and that we recognize his version as either inaccurate or a flat out lie. And he needs to understand that phone call in that moment has nothing to do with him l, it’s about the people who lost their loved ones over the weekend.

The broader question…about support for Biden.

It’s no secret…I find that man and his family to be the worst kind of political scum. He lied about his family business dealings, he has lied and continues to lie about his awful border policies, there’s actually a tragic trail of bodies stacking up in our country and beyond because of that clown’s weak feckless leadership. He continues to divide the country while yammering on about “the soul of America”, that’s a joke especially coming from someone so lacking in personal character he refused to acknowledge his own grandchild.

So yeah he did ok on that call, given the pathetic standards he has set for himself.

Maybe if he goes to the dignified transfer ceremony for the three hero’s killed over the weekend he can keep his eyes off his damn watch. (And if you really wanna know his impact on Gold Star families Google the families of the 13 dead Americans his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan got killed).