Liberal-NDP form a "coalition" government, will push a number of new soical programs

Trudeau has worked out a deal with NDP to form a “coalition” government till 2025, as part of the deal they will push forward a number of social program including dental care for low/mid income Canadians. This coalition will give them majority in the house allowing them to pass new policy easy.

he “supply-and-confidence” agreement struck between the governing Liberals and the opposition New Democrats could affect the kind of legislation Canadians can expect to see pass through Parliament between now and 2025.

The parties have agreed to work together on key policy areas in situations where both parties want the same “medium term outcome” — while avoiding an early election call.

According to the deal, those key policy areas are climate change, health care spending, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, economic growth and efforts to make life more affordable.

To do this, the parties will need to establish a working relationship that governs how they communicate plans and voting intentions. The Prime Minister’s Office published a statement on its website outlining the deal. Here’s a look at some key questions.

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Unless there are trucks and memes this is just not as interesting…

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