LIBERAL MATH: Cory Booker Says $7 TRILLION ‘New Deal’ Will ‘Save Taxpayers Money’ | Sean Hannity

Sen. Cory Booker fired-back at critics of the Democrats’ ‘Green New Deal’ this week; saying it’s an outright “lie” that the massive federal program -estimated to cost $7 trillion- would “hurt the economy”

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Part of the New Disaster includes “healthy food” for all. Oh sure, that’ll work because Obama’s “healthy” school lunch was sooooo successful.

Allowing Cory Booker, a serial lying fraud to school us??? Nope…anything from his rancid mouth is a lie.

It looks like he is using the same math as AOC. They should call it STUPID math is seems.

Looks like the Green New Math has arrived.

I want each of the socialist candidates to answer if they intend on raising individual taxes, or if there will be new taxes implemented.