LIBERAL LOGIC: WaPo Reporter Blames TRUMP, McCONNELL for Anti-GOP Violence | Sean Hannity

Just hours after footage surfaced of former Attorney General Eric Holder urging his supporters to “kick” GOP voters, a reporter with the Washington Post penned a scathing article suggesting President Trump and Mitch McConnell were behind the recent rise of anti-GOP protests and the harassment of public officials.

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Ever since Idiot Boy trump rode down the escalator, he has caused the most division in this country “like never before.” Which president has EVER dissed members of his own party, private citizens, and the opposition party? He is so full of hate, I fear for this country.

I fear that a democrat win will allow them to once again use our federal offices against conservatives that wont bend to their socialism, I worry those that wont agree and accept punishment for being considered racist, homophobic or whatever name is attached to someone, like “white male” will be penalized for it, I also believe that the liberalism taught in our schools will keep brainwashing them til we are china or cuba.

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Its too late. MU HA HA!.

pam, your mulato god set race relations back 50 years… Bet you like that tax break!!

Wow that is very funny when you look at the Liberal base attacks on President Trump before he even took office. Then it went beyond that. Your Liberal friends and POLITITIONS decided that anyone in this country who supported Trump was either uneducated morons, deplorables, and just down right bad people. So lets not do the blame game on President Trump as if he started this hostile nonsense. I have not seen one single conservative mob attacking people in the streets. I will tell you what I fear. That people forget how easy this country can loose itself in this self righteous attitude that everything that goes bad is somebody else fault. But that is the Liberal way. Don’t own up to your own ignorance because it is so much easier to put it on someone else.

The best way to divert attention away from your actions is to claim that your opponent is doing that. This is what the democrats do on a constant basis. The typical “look over there” while the thief is picking your pocket. Diverting attention away from you is the democrat number one rule.