LIBERAL LOGIC: Dem. Senator Blames Waters’ Anti-Trump Rhetoric… On Trump

Originally published at: LIBERAL LOGIC: Dem. Senator Blames Waters’ Anti-Trump Rhetoric… On Trump | Sean Hannity

Democratic Senator Tom Udall left most Americans scratching their heads Monday night; bizarrely blaming Maxine Waters’ anti-Trump rhetoric on the President himself.

Udall was speaking with CNN when he was asked to comment on Waters’ comments where she urged her supporters to publicly harass senior Cabinet members in “restaurants” and “department stores.”

"If you look at the history of the country, we’ve had some very negative, tough periods, and the president sets the tone. The president here is setting a very negative tone. I think he should cut that out,” said the liberal lawmaker.

“You can see what happens over and over again if anybody challenges him, he’s a big bully and ramps it up four or five times, and so it makes it difficult for us in Congress to try to come together and be civil,” Udall added.

Watch the Senator’s comments above.

h/t Washington Free Beacon

It’s almost as if Republicans have spent years cheering Trump for being “anti PC” and taking it to the “snowflakes” no matter how crass and ignorant he acted, only to now **** and moan about civility because someone said their should be public repercussions.

Where were Republicans when this guy was mocking the service of POWs and the disability of a reporter? When he was attacking the appearance of the wives of his political opponents? When he claimed he could force himself on any woman he wanted because of his wealth and power? When he made his disgusting blood remarks about Megyn Kelly? When he lied about Muslims cheering en masse in New York City as the World Trade Center buildings collapsed? When he spent years peddling racist lies about Barack Obama’s birthplace?

Oh yeah, cheering him on or ignoring these things were happening. The right has made it clear this is how they want political discourse to be in this country. So, here we are. May the angriest mob win.