LIBERAL LOGIC: Cortez Claims 66% of ‘Medicare for All’ Could be Funded by ‘Pentagon Errors’

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Incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed the Pentagon could finance nearly 70% of her $31T ‘Medicare for All’ proposal over the weekend; saying accounting errors could account for upwards of $21T in new funds.

Cortez made the bold assertion Sunday on social media, writing “21 TRILLION of Pentagon financial transactions ‘could not be traced, documented, or explained.’ $21T in Pentagon accounting errors. Medicare for All costs ~$32T. That means 66% of Medicare for All could have been funded already by the Pentagon. And that’s before our premiums.”

Cortez found herself in hot water just days ago after posting another provocative tweet comparing the ‘migrant caravan’ along the US-Mexico border with “Jewish families” fleeing World War II.

Libs logic.