LIBERAL LOGIC: Bernie Sanders Insists His $32 TRILLION Healthcare Plan Will SAVE Money

Originally published at: LIBERAL LOGIC: Bernie Sanders Insists His $32 TRILLION Healthcare Plan Will SAVE Money | Sean Hannity

Senator Bernie Sanders continued to tout his Medicare for All insurance scheme this week; insisting the healthcare proposal estimated to cost upwards of $40 trillion will actually save taxpayers money.

“What the most serious economists tell us, that if we do nothing to fundamentally change the health care system, which is what Joe [Biden] was talking about, keeping it as it is, we’ll be spending something like $50 trillion over a 10-year period,” he told The Post. “Times change, and we have got to go further.”

Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden promoted the accomplishments of Obamacare this week; unveiling his new healthcare plan while promising Americans can “keep their private insurance” should they choose to.

Biden promoted his new plan online Monday; breaking with fellow Democrats like Bernie Sanders who seek to ban private health insurance options for every single American.

The Affordable Care Act was a historic achievement. 20 million Americans gained coverage. Over 100 million with pre-existing conditions finally got protection. We can’t tear it down.

So today, I’m releasing my plan to Protect & Build on Obamacare:

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) July 15, 2019

“I give people the option,” Biden said. “If you like your health care plan, your employer-based plan, you can keep it.”

Biden repeats Obamacare lie: “if you like your health care plan…you can keep it”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 15, 2019

“You get full coverage, and you can stay with your plan if you like it. You can stay with your employer-based plan, or you can move on. I think it’s the quickest, most reasonable, rational and best way to get to universal coverage,” he added.

“I understand the appeal of Medicare for All, but folks supporting it should be clear that it means getting rid of ObamaCare, and I’m not for that,” Biden concluded.