LIBERAL AMNESIA: Mainstream Media FORGETS Obama Officials’ DEEP TIES to Press

Originally published at: LIBERAL AMNESIA: Mainstream Media FORGETS Obama Officials’ DEEP TIES to Press | Sean Hannity

A recent article published in the New Yorker viciously accused Fox News and a handful of hosts of “becoming propaganda” for the Trump administration; conveniently ignoring the widespread and often-concealed connections between the Obama White House and a series of major news networks -including ABC, MSNBC, and CNN.

Even the left-leaning Washington Post published an article outlining the “conflicted” relationships back in 2013, asking “So what to make of all the family ties between the news media and the Obama administration?”


News Ties

The story goes on to detail the various relationships between senior Obama officials and the mainstream media, including:

  • ABC News President Bob Sherwood, the brother of Obama’s senior national security advisor.
  • CBS News Division President David Rhodes, the brother of Obama’s “key” foreign policy analyst.
  • CNN’s deputy Washington Bureau Chief, who’s married to the former Deputy Secretary of State who served under Hillary Clinton.
  • ABC News reporter Claire Shipman, married to former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

“There is zero evidence, zero, that [Sherwood’s relationship] has had any impact on our coverage,” Jeffrey Schneider, ABC News’s chief spokesman told the Post.

Keeping It In The Family

Outstanding depiction of liberal media hypocrisy!


Yo, K… liberals have memory loss :clap:

How is this worse than what FOX is doing with Trump?

Wonder if there’s a graphic for that…

[quote=“AZslim, post:4, topic:41, full:true”]
How is this worse than what FOX is doing with Trump? [/quote]

Exactly. Trump seems to prefer FNC. so it’s not as if this is a liberal thing.

The question is, how many people from other media organizations does Trump have working for him, in his administration? I know Obama had people from just about every news organization out there.

On a side note - How can journalists claim the mantle of impartiality, when they have openly endorsed and support a candidate for president, or been in the administration of a previous president?

For example, Chuck Todd from Meet the Press passes himself off as a nonobjective news reporter. but he was obviously in the tank for Hilary , when he and his wife hosted a party for her campaign, in October of 2016.

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Unfortunately and undramatically, there is no liberal media conspiracy, no vast right wing conspiracy, no deep state, no military industrial complex, etc. etc.

There are simply two, generally different ideologies in the American psyche that use political power, fraternity, money and media to advance their agendas.

When partisans stop whining about how powerless they are against the big, bad imagined villains, and start to advance their agendas in a positive, grass-roots, persuasive way, they will punch through whatever silly conspiracies that give their lives meaning.


Ok, doing that now. :slight_smile: