Lib fantasy granted. Trump removed. Now what?u

I labeled the title fantasy because we all know it is. BUT, for the sake of argument let’s look at short term and long term results, should the fantasy come true. Let’s assume the impeachment was successful and the Senate convicted and removed Trump and now 10 days before Thanksgiving, Mike Pence has been sworn in.

Trump has been removed, his base is fired up. Can/Will Trump run again in 2020 anyway? Does the impeachment bring more support for the Democratic candidates? Who’s the best shot to beat Pence if Trump doesn’t or can’t run again. What kind of chaos is going to befall the government with the Republicans trying to pick up the pieces from Trump’s fall? What’s the Dems plan? Will they obstruct, smear, cheat and lie to keep Pence from doing anything or play nice and bide their time till election? Lots of possibilities…

The OP kinda sounded like someone else’s fantasy…:wink:


If Trump is removed, maybe those evil libs actually had a point?


Kinda sounds like Pence’s fantasy. He’s neck deep in this corruption as well. I believe this the reason why Nikki Haley is swallowing her pride and defending trump at all costs so she can get his supporters votes come 2020.

Depends. Does the senate declare he cant run again? ( they have that power)

Surely, the Democrats start an impeachment hearing into Pence? My understanding is that if Pence is also removed via an impeachment N Pelosi would be sworn in as President of the USA.

I think Trump should be allowed to run again if he is convicted and removed. He is above the law.
Of course Dems will cheat obstruct, smear, and lie. Maybe they’ll quickly run Hillary to get R’s tingling again.

Criminal proceedings will begin.

Haven’t heard much from Pence. How do you figure he’s involved? If he is, he’s still the one that takes Trump’s place and if Trump can’t or doesn’t run, he will pick up Trump’s base. This is still an uphill battle for the Dems.

That would be difficult to do in such a short time. Investigations alone wouldn’t be completed before 2020.

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You just made my point. Pence would be primaried by the likes of Haley.

Nothing preventing Hillary from running again. It would be interesting to see what would happen.

It could be shortened if Pence decided to resign.

Might be sort of impossible if he is arrested and on trial at the time.

Pence wins reelection in a landslide.

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He can. Depending.

Pence was unpopular in his own home state, the Veep nod was a saving grace for him.

He is a terrible candidate, a horrible speaker and a pretty weird person. The GOP can do a lot better than him. You have a deep bench, no need for this guy.

He won’t be running for President of Indiana.

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Trump himself whatabouted Pence, suggesting that his (Pence) phone calls with Zelenskiy should be looked into as well as his own.

Why do you imagine he would ever do that?