LEVIN ON HANNITY: Every President Has Theoretically 'Abused Power'

Originally published at: LEVIN ON HANNITY: Every President Has Theoretically ‘Abused Power’ | Sean Hannity

Best-selling author Mark Levin spoke with Sean Hannity Thursday night on the Democrats’ feverish push for impeachment; saying every single President has theoretically “abused power” including Washington, Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy.

“Abuse of Power, what’s the definition? There’s no standard, it’s whatever Democrats say. Abuse of Power means whatever they say it means. There’s no standard or definition. In all these hours, they haven’t explained it,” said Levin.

“Every President has theoretically abused power. Washington, Lincoln, the Louisiana purchase… Go down the list. It’s ridiculous. Not once have they explained the standard for Abuse of Power,” he added.

Watch Levin on ‘Hannity’ above.